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New SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice Program Provides Revenue-Sharing Option
Posted: Thu Nov 17, 2016 03:40:34 PM


NEW YORK — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced the availability of SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, referral option. The new option is designed to reward members with a finder’s fee if they generate new leads for SAP solutions that convert into fully paid deals.

The option provides program members who refer SAP solutions and products to their clients, customers and contacts with the support they need to share information about SAP with their potential customers. In addition to access to assets and links, members can leverage an intuitive, easy-to-use portal to manage their lead referral activities, review the status of their referrals and view their earned finder’s fees.

“As a key cloud player, our next frontier is aggressively going after the cloud opportunity with small and midsize companies,” said Rodolpho Cardenuto, president, Global Channels and General Business, SAP. “SAP must rely on our extensive network of partners to tap into this expanding market and help customers succeed on the path to the cloud. Therefore, we are launching the second cloud model for partners in just three months. The referral option focuses on empowering our current partners, as well as new partners, to grow their businesses and serve as trusted advisors while helping businesses solve today’s IT challenges.”

Available today, the SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, referral option, is open to any business that is involved in the small and midsize market. This includes SAP PartnerEdge partners, as well as any business that deals with small and midsize companies on a regular basis.

The referral option is the second option in the SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice program. The first option, SAP PartnerEdge Cloud Choice, profit option, gives partners the opportunity to earn a revenue share on contracts and is live in 24 countries. It is being rolled out to many more markets in the fourth quarter of 2016. The option removes financial liability and risk from partners, allowing them to focus on driving cloud adoption across their organization and customer landscapes. Partners should now be able to realize a steady revenue stream that’s locked in for the life of the customer and partner relationship.

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