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SAP Delivers Live Insights from Big Data to Customers
Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 10:48:01 AM


SAN JOSE, Calif. — SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced advancements of the SAP Vora solution to help customers accelerate project implementations and offer speed, ease and affordability to their enterprise business analytics.

  • SAP helps customers get actionable insights from their Big Data with the latest features in SAP Vora
  • SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services launches fully managed Hadoop and Spark service in Europe
  • SAP Vora to be offered on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services in North America and Europe

In addition, SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services (formerly known as Altiscale) expanded its fully managed Hadoop/Spark platform services to Europe. SAP Vora is planned to be launched on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services in both the United States and Europe. These announcements were made at Strata + Hadoop World 2017 being held March 14–17 in San Jose.

“Combining the latest release of SAP Vora with the expanded availability of SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services into Europe demonstrates that SAP has enterprise-class solutions for a broad range of Big Data needs,” said Greg McStravick, president, Database & Data Management at SAP. “SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services will help enterprises achieve a high-performance, production-ready Hadoop environment with minimal effort, while SAP Vora helps organizations bring Big Data insights into the enterprise.”

“SAP Vora is an enterprise-ready, in-memory distributed computing solution that uses and extends the Apache Spark execution framework to provide interactive analytics on Hadoop,” said Dan Vesset, group VP and lead of IDC’s Big Data and analytics research. “Along with an intuitive web interface, SAP Vora opens up self-service Big Data discovery to a broader set of users in the organization, making it easier for these insights to be utilized in business decision making.”

New Built-In Capabilities Simplify How Businesses Run in the Digital World and Deliver Real Business Insights

  • Time series distributed in-memory engine allows time series data to be stored and analyzed in distributed environments. It supports highly compressed time series storage and analysis algorithms that work directly on top of the compressed data, providing features such as standard aggregation, granularization and series analysis using SQL.
  • Graph distributed in-memory engine supports graph processing and helps execute commonly used graph operations such as pattern matching, shortest path and connected component using SQL.
  • Distributed in-memory JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document store supports rich query processing over schema-less JSON data using SQL.
  • Enterprise-class features include Kerberos support, distributed transaction log for metadata persistence and built-in currency conversion.

Additional capabilities include the following:

  • Industry value accelerators offer a content kit with sample solution components that are tailored for specific industry use cases yet customizable and extendable. SAP plans to offer them for free.
  • Easy deployment on the cloud through Amazon Web Services Marketplace and SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services is designed to give SAP Vora customers more flexibility, allowing them to scale as needed without managing the infrastructure. The intent is to support more innovation and to give customers the ability to integrate with existing solutions.
  • Cloudera certification for SAP Vora is now part of Cloudera Certified Partners. SAP Vora successfully completed the end-to-end testing and validation of the various requirements, including qualification and product requirement document, security and test plans as part of the certification.
  • For on-premise deployments, SAP Vora is supported by all major Hadoop vendors including Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR.

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services Now Available in Europe

SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services are immediately available to EU customers from SAP’s state-of-the-art data center in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. European customers can also benefit from the Hadoop operations services that are included for all SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services customers. The operational services, in combination with the optimized data centers, help ensure that customers enjoy a Big Data experience that is high-performance, reliable, and scalable.

SAP Vora Available on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services Starting in Second Quarter

SAP plans to make the SQL capabilities in SAP Vora available in the cloud on SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services starting in early second quarter, for both U.S.-based and Europe-based customers. The intent is for customers to be up and running quickly, with SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services providing the underlying Hadoop and Spark data infrastructure.

Customers Benefit from SAP Vora

Tupras, Turkey’s only oil refiner, operates four refineries and turned to SAP Vora to extract value from its data.

“The prototype we built together with SAP showed us how we can create direct business value from Big Data,” said Baris Duzenli, CIO at Tupras. “Our experience with SAP Vora has been very valuable in terms of connecting the dots between OT and IT landscapes, while allowing innovation around our IoT and data science initiatives.”

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