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Achieve AR Collections Management - SAP® Business One Add-on

A Comprehensive Accounts Receivable Management Tool Developed for SAP Business One

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Achieve AR Collections ManagementThe Achieve AR Collections Management is a proactive solution designed to help organizations streamline their credit and collection procedure–resulting in a reduction of financial risk and increased Cash flow.

Developed specifically for SAP Business One, Achieve AR Collections Management, is easy to use and has numerous features to further automate the billing and payment cycle, while reducing procedural costs and increasing visibility into customer payment trends, exposure and potential credit risk.

From a single-screen credit managers and collections staff can view all relevant credit information for a customer, including: payment history, aging detail breakdowns, total exposure and remaining credit. From the same screen, the credit manager can then create a credit tracking document, launch any AR Collection Report for that specific customer, as well as; easily email, fax or print any SAP Business One transaction document for that customer.

Key Features

  • AR Collections
  • Document Delivery
  • AR Customer Portal
  • Customer AR Collection Master
  • Collection Activities Screen
  • Reports
  • Achieve Document Delivery

Achieve AR Collections Tracking
Achieve AR Collections - Call Back Report

Product Features:

AR Collections

  • Collection Tracking Incidents
  • Customer Payment History Tracking
  • Customer Order-to-Cash Inquiries
  • Sales Order Approval
  • AR Exposure & Aging Details
  • Dunning Letter
  • AR Factoring
  • Credit & Collection Reports

Document Delivery

  • On-Demand Form Delivery
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Print
  • EDI

AR Customer Portal

  • Real Time AR Portal
  • Orders
  • Deliveries
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Payment History
  • Document Printing from Portal

Customer AR Collections Master

  • Aging Totals and Drill-Down
  • Payment History by Month
  • Total Exposure
  • Credit Remaining
  • Customer Specific Credit Reports
  • Collection Activity Entry

Collection Activities Screen

  • Collection Activities
  • System Generated Based on Business Rules
  • User generated as needed
  • History of all Collection Communications per Incident
  • Multiple Documents per Collection Activity
  • Free-Form Notes
  • Call-Back Reminders
  • Payment Promise Tracking
  • Document Delivery of Invoices via Email, Print or Fax

Sale Order Approval

  • View All Order on Hold From a Single Screen
  • Enter Approval or Rejection
  • View Archive of Past Entries
  • Custom Approval Rules


  • Collections Forecast
  • Customer Credit Risk Report
  • Customer Credit Rating Report
  • Customer Payment Trend
  • Call Back Report
  • Broken Promises Report

Achieve Document Delivery

  • Preset Delivery Methods by Type of Document Print, Fax or Email
  • Multiple Destinations per Customer/Contact/Document
  • Deliver Individual Document or Batch of Documents

Documents Included:

  • Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Deliveries
  • AR Invoices
  • AR Credit Memos
  • Statements
  • Dunning Letters

Comparison of Features:

Comparison of Features
  Achieve AR Collections Management SAP Business One
View Customer Balance
     » View Balance by Aging Columns  
     » View Average Credit  
View Payments
     » View Payment History by Month  
     » View Average Days to Pay  
Enter Customer Collection Activities  
     » Enter Collection Activity Log  
     » Link Activity to one Document  
     » Link Activity to Multiple Documents  
     » Track Promised Amounts  
     » Track Promises Kept/Broken  
Print, Fax, or Email Individual Documents
     » Print Documents in Batch
     » Fax or Email Documents in Batch  
     » Deliver Documents (to Multiple Destinations)  
Place Orders on Hold
     » View all Orders on Hold  
     » Release Orders from Hold (Single Screen)  
Integrate with AR Factor  
Print Collections Reports  
Customer Web Portal  
     » Open Order Detail & Print  
     » Open & Past Invoice Detail & Print  
     » Customer Statement  
     » AR Aging  
     » Payment History  
     » Note Entry for Customer