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Achieve AR Factor - SAP® Business One Add-on

Those organizations that are utilizing SAP Business One

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More and more businesses that are utilizing AR Factoring Services to improve their Cash Flow are becoming burdened with increased administrative tasks and costs. From segregating 'factored' invoices from the 'non-factored' invoices, sending invoice details to the factor service for approval and then the application and reconciliation of payments -It is one labor intensive process.

With Achieve AR Factor, those organizations that are utilizing SAP Business One, can now automate this entire process, benefiting from the improved Cash Flow as well as reduced operational costs.

Achieve AR Factor Screenshots

As with all Achieve One modules, Achieve AR Factor is built specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit.

Achieve AR Factor - Credit Confirmation Status

Product Features:

Key Features

  • Processing of Factored & Non- Factored AR Invoices
  • Credit Limit Update from Factoring Service
  • Electronic Transfer of Factored Invoice to Factoring Services
  • Sales Order Approval/Rejection Processing
  • Incoming Payment Retrieval and Application to Invoices
  • Credit Line Updates from Factoring Services
  • Invoices Posted to AR Factor – Sale Analysis to Customer

Credit Limit Update

  • Credit Limits Updated from AR Factor Service

Invoice Submission

  • Factored Invoices sent to AR Factor Service in Daily Batch

Sales Order Approval

  • Factored Sales Orders are 'Not Approved' until verified by AR Factor Service
  • Electronic Submission of Factored Invoices to AR Factor Service
  • Approval / Rejection from AR Factor Service and Updated to Sales Order
  • Approved Sales Orders processed within SAP Business One

* Rejected Sales Orders placed on Sales Order Hold and Alert Created

Incoming Payment Retrieval & Processing

  • Payments electronically sent from AR Factor Service to SAP Business One
  • Payments are automatically applied to invoice documents

Comparison of Features:

Comparison of Features
  Achieve AR Factor SAP Business One
Customer Credit Check
     » Import Credit Limits  
Sales Order Approval
Approval by AR Factor Service  
Automatic Invoicing  
Automatic Entry of Incoming Payments  


Achieve AR Factor Data Sheet (.PDF)