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Achieve Business Insight - SAP® Business One Add-on

Small to Midsize companies' greater visibility into changing business conditions

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From the ERP application with SAP Business One, and the middleware integration technology of SAP B1ISN, to the Business Intelligence suite of SAP Business objects edge, it's all SAP.

Achieve Business Insights provides Small to Midsize companies' greater visibility into changing business conditions, trends and variances within their organizations.

Numerous queries, dashboards, reports and alerts help SAP Business One users gain greater insights and control on their key business data while increasing accountability and productivity. Implementing Achieve Business Insights as part of an SAP Business One system provides users with realtime, proactive and quality information that can be used to make realtime, proactive and quality business decisions.

As with all Achieve One modules, Achieve Business Insights is built specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit.

Achieve Business Insights Chart

How it Works

As day-to-day business transactions are entered into the databases of SAP Business One, the SAP B1iSN Integration tool is replicating that information almost instantly into the Achieve Business Insights databases. The Achieve Business Insights databases are then utilized by the various tools of SAP Business Objects Edge to create up-to the minute analytics, reports and dashboards in Achieve Business Insights.

Easy-to-Use Analysis

Achieve Business Insights allows SAP Business One users to engage in multidimensional analysis of their business data by using drag-and-drop, 'keyword' and point-and-click functionality to develop vibrant and interactive dashboards, reports and analytics.

Business Insights Datamarts

Achieve Business Insights DataMarts are individual data sources that contain a consolidation of common information extracted from SAP Business One on a real-time basis and made available within SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, Queries and Analytics.

Achieve Business Insight Screenshots

Product Features:

Key Features

  • Real-Time Information Source
  • Data Replication
  • SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI
  • SAP Business One Data Universes
  • Dashboards
  • Explorer Information Spaces
  • WebI Reports

Real-Time Information Source

Data Replication

SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI

  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Dashboards (Xcelsius)
  • Web Intelligence
  • Voyager
  • Live Office
  • Explorer
  • InfoView

SAP Business One Data Universes

  • ABI Payment Trends
  • ABI Business Partners
  • ABI Financials
  • ABI Financial Summary
  • ABI Financial Ratios
  • ABI Items
  • ABI Purchasing
  • ABI Returns
  • ABI Sales Analysis
  • ABI Opportunity Analysis (CRM)


  • CRM Dashboard
  • ABI Corporate Dashboard
  • Financial Dashboard
  • Sales by Customer Group
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Weighted Opportunity Analysis

Explorer Information Spaces

  • Sales Revenue
  • Payment Trends
  • CRM

WebI Reports

  • Trend Analysis
  • Sales by State
  • Sales by Region
  • Quarterly Sales by Rep
  • Annual Sales by Product Group
  • Financial Ratios
  • Sales Revenue
  • Top 10 States
  • Open Lead Listing
  • Sales by Rep


Achieve Business Insights Data Sheet (.PDF)