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Achieve Container Management - SAP® Business One Add-on

Features necessary to track what inventory is in which containers, where the container is in transit, and all of the associated landed costs

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Achieve Container Management provides the features necessary to track what inventory is in which containers, where the container is in transit, and all of the associated landed costs.

Achieve Container Management is an innovative solution for SAP Business One, that provides manufacturers, distributors and third-party logistics providers, visibility and control of the inbound containers and inventory. Achieve Container Management provides importers with the ability to track the contents of containers, the estimated dates of shipment, arrival at port, customs clearance and arrival at your warehouses, including; the actual dates when these events occur.

With Achieve Container Management, you can link files and documents to a shipment to easily track scanned copies of shipping documents, spreadsheets, certifications or graphics. You may view or print the documents directly from the Container Tracking screen.

As with all Achieve One modules, the Achieve Container Management is built specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit.

Key Features

  • Container Transit
  • Container Management
  • Container Status Reports
  • Container Optimization
  • Estimated & Actual Processing Dates
  • In-Transit Container Statuses
  • Planned & Actual Landed Costs
  • Container Receiving with Achieve WMS
  • Container Allocations with Achieve WMS

Container Management - Packing Items
Container Management - Container Entry Processing
Container Management - Report

Product Features:

Container Transit

  • Multiple PO's per Container
  • Multiple Containers per Shipment
  • Split PO line's in Multiple Containers
  • Multiple Statuses of Transit per Shipment

Container Management

  • Estimated and Actual Dates
  • Container Optimization by Type
  • In-Transit Quantity
  • Link Files and Documents to a Shipment

Landed Cost Allocation

  • Planned & Actual per Container

Container Status Reports

  • By Item Vendor

Container Processing

  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Container Entry
  • Pre-Payment Processing
  • Planned Landed Costs
  • Container Receiving
  • Generation of PO Receipts
  • Generation of Landed Costs

Estimated & Actual Processing Dates

  • Departure
  • Arrival
  • Clearing
  • In-Warehouse

In-Transit Container Statuses

  • Planning
  • Shipped
  • At-Port
  • Cleared
  • Received

Container Totals by:

  • Quantity
  • Weight
  • Volume
  • Dollar
  • Cartons

Comparison of Features:

Comparison of Features
  Achieve Container Management SAP Business One
Enter PO to Foreign Vendor
Copy PO to Container Management  
     » Track Contents of Container  
     » Track Estimated Dates  
     » Track Expected Costs  
     » Track Progress of Shipment  
     » Track Actual Dates  
Report on Shipments  
Copy PO Lines to AP Reserve Invoice
Create Goods Receipt PO
Create Landed Cost Document
Process Multiple Containers per Single Shipment  
Allocate Items from Multiple PO's on to a Single Container  
Split Items from one PO on to Multiple Containers  
Tracking of Key Transit Estimated & Actual Dates  
In-Transit Container Statuses  
Projected Landed Cost  
Actual Landed Cost
Receiving of Inventory for Multiple PO's on Single Container