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Achieve Document Delivery - SAP® Business One Add-on

Allows SAP Business One users to easily distribute key documents to customers and vendors

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Achieve Document Delivery allows SAP Business One users to easily distribute key documents to customers and vendors.

Documents can be distributed via email, fax, EDI or print based on preset instructions for each contact and document.

With Achieve Document Delivery, companies utilizing SAP Business One, can save substantial amounts of time and money, while increasing customer service levels by promptly delivering these business documents.

With Achieve Document Delivery, documents can be distributed in one large batch, individually or based on a user defined filtering option. As with all Achieve One modules, the Achieve Document Delivery is built specifically for SAP Business One, utilizing the advanced technical architecture of the SAP Business One Software Development Kit.

Document Delivery History
Subject and Body Entry
Document Delivery Customer Configuration
Sales Order
A/R Statements

Product Features:

Key Features

  • Email Options
    • SMTP
    • Outlook
    • SAP
  • Fax Options
    • eFax
    • Visi-Fax
    • SAP
  • EDI Options
    • Achieve EDI
  • Template Email Subject & Body per Document
  • Default Form by Company and/or Customer
  • Activity Created per Document Delivered
  • Crystal Report Launcher
  • Document Delivery History Log
  • Vendor Delivery AP Documents Supported
    • Purchase Quotations
    • Blanket Agreements
    • Container Documents
    • Purchase Order
    • Purchase Receipt
    • Purchase Return
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Purchase Credit Memo
    • Purchase Outbound EDI (Requires Achieve EDI)
  • Customer Delivery AR Documents Supported
    • Quote
    • Sales Order
    • Confirmation
    • Sales Delivery
    • Sales Returns
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales Credit Memo
    • Sales Statements
    • Sales Dunning Letters
    • Sales Outbound EDI (Requires Achieve EDI)
    • Freight Forms
    • Blanket Agreements


Achieve Document Delivey Data Sheet (.PDF)