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B1 Online Distribution Edition - SAP® Business One Add-on

Premier Managed Service Offering for SAP Business One

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The Distribution Edition of Business 1 Online is a modular system designed for distributors seeking to become leaders in their niche market. Designed with SAP best practices, the Distribution Edition is pre-configured to improve operational efficiency of the order to cash and procure to pay business cycles core to your business.

Built in a modular fashion, you can add components as required to minimize your initial investment and get all the functionality you need as you business grows. Multi-bin, RF Warehouse capabilities, EDI and much more..

Role based security, training and licensing is standard with Business 1 Online. Click on the following links to see sample documentation:

Complete Systems for Distributors

The distribution edition is a templated solution that allows for rapid implementation in days based upon industry best practices. Using our industry standard chart of accounts for financial reporting, the system is designed for business intelligence with

  • Real time sales and cost of sales information by item, product line, store, etc.
  • Multiple warehouses with single or multi-bin processing
  • Pick and pack by item, order, customer priority, etc.
  • Integrated shipping (UPS, Fedex, etc.)
  • Purchasing approval procedures
  • and much much more

Business One is ultimately flexible where you can look up any information in the system using the patented drag & relate functionality or query any information based upon any field in the database table. In other words, you can look up customers by name, phone number, zip code or any field in the customer database!

Product Comparison:

Business 1 Online vs. the "Competition"

Choosing a service provider is similar to choosing a brain surgeon. Your service provider will be responsible for the health of your business management software which provides information to run your business (a.k.a. the brain of your business). Before comparing features of the service provider ask yourself the questions:

  • Does the service provider understand my software?
  • Is hosting business management software their core competency?
  • Is my price fully inclusive? Business 1 Online does not consider anti-virus an option but a requirement!

Business 1 Online is the one stop service provider that understands the hardware and software, wide area networking and virtualization, and has been providing the highest quality hosting service since 1999!