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B1 Online Professional Services Edition - SAP® Business One Add-on

Premier Managed Service Offering for SAP Business One

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Business 1 Online has taken SAP Business One with Job Costing to the next level with the Professional Services Edition of SAP Business One. Manage all your projects from the quotation phase through to the capture of actual costs and then report profitability in real-time. No more expensive cost overruns without approval, no more double entry, measure employee utilization rates and manage your contract billing with accurate revenue recognition.

They walk the talk… from the moment they first contact their prospects the opportunity is stored in Business One and the quotations generate our professional service exhibits. Time is tracked against those quotations and billed with a few keystrokes. Affordable and fast to implement, SAP Business One with Job Costing delivers all the functions of a comprehensive project management and CRM solution, including financial management, to give you complete control over your business and real-time visibility.

The IT Professional Services Edition of SAP Business One was the first vertical industry solution certified by SAP. I-BN has taken the certified software and added template configuration elements, such as industry specific charts of accounts, for rapid implementation. Combine that with customized role based security and training materials and I-BN can provide professional services firms a fixed fee rapid implementation where you can go live in as little as one week!

Ideally suited for the following industries:

  • IT Services
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Landscape Engineers
  • Office Equipment Servicing

Product Comparison:

Business 1 Online vs. the "Competition"

Choosing a service provider is similar to choosing a brain surgeon. Your service provider will be responsible for the health of your business management software which provides information to run your business (a.k.a. the brain of your business). Before comparing features of the service provider ask yourself the questions:

  • Does the service provider understand my software?
  • Is hosting business management software their core competency?
  • Is my price fully inclusive? Business 1 Online does not consider anti-virus an option but a requirement!

Business 1 Online is the one stop service provider that understands the hardware and software, wide area networking and virtualization, and has been providing the highest quality hosting service since 1999!