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Portal One - SAP® Business One Add-on
Extend your ERP system to the Internet to Improve Your Operational Efficiency



Portal One for SAP Business One

The internet is the most cost effective way to communicate with your prospects, customers, suppliers, and employees. Now imagine a tool that can extend your SAP Business One system to the internet to improve your operational efficiency.

Imagine A Tool That Can:

  • Extend your ERP system to the internet to improve your operational efficiency.
  • Create web based applications with complex workflow
  • Utilize and embrace social media for corporate advantage

With 100's of templates to choose from and applications designed to work specifically with leading ERP packages like SAP Business One and Sage MAS 200 Turning the Internet into a Competitive Advantage has never been easier. Each of the applications below can be tailored to your unique needs and secured by user id and password by individual or group.

ERP Integration

  • Executive Dashboards Key performance indicators, exception reporting, pipeline and other information to manage your business can be available anytime anywhere
  • Portal CRM applications are available standalone or as extensions of your ERP system.
  • The SAP Business One Service module is fully integrated in the Portal One website.

Social Media

Wikis are applications that have become very popular with "Web 2.0". They can be used to collect and store unstructured information in the way the author deems fit. He can set references to other articles, post comments or create new categories where needed. This motivates the employees to use the portal and share their knowledge with others, just like on wikipedia.

globe calender users news

With the template "Weblog" (Blog) you can create datebooks for product managers, IT-administrators (server logbook), interns, etc. A modern form of quick communication.

A Forum is, for a defined number of coworkers, task groups, departments, or all staff, a platform for the interactive exchange of information. The application "Forums" can be set up for all organizations within the company. The forums can be structured openly or anonymously for each forum member. The template makes use of all properties of a modern forum, including the moderation function.

With the template "News", you can send current information to all or selected users or organizational units. The creation of news items can be managed by various groups (Management, Board of Directors, etc.). For received news items, a homepage item (portlet) will be created. News that has been read will be placed in an archive.

Secure access to information

Your web portal can be secured by user ID and password unique to the portal or fully integrated with your SAP Business One security. Content can be restricted by user id so confidential information can be securely extended over the web.

Portlets Available include:

  • Executive Dashboards Key performance indicators, exception reporting, pipeline and other information to manage your business can be available anytime anywhere.
  • Integrated Web Applications Independent sales representatives, customers, and suppliers need specific windows of information into your organization.
  • Web Widgets Portal One web widgets enable company specific content , social networking and other collaboration tools.

Custom Web Portals

Virtually any information from any database can be securely displayed in a web portal. When you need to extend certain aspects of your organization's information with unique search and security requirements, custom Some portal examples:

  • Project Management - Status of tasks, dependencies, etc. tied into ERP system for costs, items, etc.
  • Inventory Availability by Independent Sales Representatives - Sales representatives can see available to promise information tied to product lines and specific inventory items that they are authorized to sell.
  • B2B eCommerce with unique requirements - Search based upon make, year and model for only parts the customer is authorized to sell.


Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard


Web Service
Web Service