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LiveWare Warehouse Management System - SAP® Business One Add-on

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LiveWare WMS from IronWare Technologies, is a robust enterprise inventory and warehouse management solution that extends the power of accounting applications to warehouse personnel and seamlessly integrates mission-critical data back to accounting software. Providing real-time inventory data and warehouse management information, LiveWare WMS processes all transactions via wireless communication devices supported by Teklogix, the leader in scanning hardware running the latest version of Windows Mobile. Using an intuitive touch screen interface, users can print, receive, transfer and ship while automatic database synchronization occurs for up-to-the-minute accuracy on warehouse operations.

handheld devicesLiveWare WMS Key Features/Benefits:

What's New in LiveWare WMS 3.9

A Good Business Decision!
LiveWare WMS is a cost-effective enterprise warehouse management solution designed to maximize an organization’s accounting and inventory accuracies. The system enables significantly improved fulfillment procedures with more efficient pick-pack and less fulfillment errors. Organizations can experience increased customer satisfaction and reduced cycle times resulting in a larger return on investment with their ERP systems, and a lower total cost of ownership by reducing overall inventory, labor costs and increasing employee productivity.

A Sound Accounting Practice
LiveWare WMS is a CFO’s dream, designed to optimize accounting performance by providing significant reductions in write-offs from inventory losses, increased accuracy in inventory handling/reporting from transaction audit trails and more reliable inventory valuation with cycle counts. Reductions in warehouse storage capacity requirements and labor costs also serve to maximize financial impact as safety stock and overstaff is decreased.

A Robust .net-based Application
Meeting the stringent requirements of the SAP Certification process, LiveWare WMS is a powerful .NET-based solution that enables data transfer to servers using SQL replication. Its unique architecture allows devices to support real-time data transfer using standard 802.11 b/g wireless networks, as well as support for batch mode when wireless networks are not available. Handheld devices use Microsoft SQL CE (Compact Edition) to store all data, leveraging the latest intuitive touch screen graphical user interface and SD expansion cards to store larger databases. Devices automatically detect the wireless network, transferring data back to the server when network connectivity is available. This enables devices to leave the wireless network due to weak signal, network outage or distance and automatically reconnect to provide full function recording of transactions when back in range or when the network is restored. All handheld installation and updates to device software are quickly and easily performed using Microsoft ActiveSync.

Additional Features
LiveWare WMS users can print, receive, transfer, ship, enable receipt from production and cycle count from handheld devices, as all transactions are synchronized back to the accounting system database. Label printing is initiated from a newly enhanced Print Queue Manager, enabling easy modification to label output via the new label editor. LiveWare WMS is designed to support virtually any size warehouse in literally any industry and will improve customer service, response time, accounting performance and overall warehouse efficiencies throughout the organization