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Enterprise Centralized Shipping - SAP® Business One Add-on

Web based Shipping Solution that Runs Within the SAP landscape



Enterprise Centralized Shipping (ECS) is a global multi-carrier shipping/manifesting system that automates freight quote, pick, pack, and ship. ECS is integrated with multiple carriers e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS, TNT, Purolator, LTL, and TL as well as with freight forwarders.

Businesses running SAP Business One have a significant advantage. However, if your business ships orders via small parcel, LTL, and TL carriers, you always have to depend on external 3rd-party systems or black box solutions.

Why Choose ECS?

  • SAP Business One does not include carrier-compliant shipping as a standard transaction.
  • It is costly to integrate 3rd-party or carrier-provided shipping applications with SAP Business One.

When your business relies on getting the right item to the right customer, at the time and place they need it, your SAP Business One system should:

  • Accurately rate & route all shipments
  • Print carrier-compliant labels & documents
  • Prevent shipping errors that result from bad or incomplete information
  • Electronically communicate with carriers, trading partners, and customers
  • Track and monitor shipment status
  • Automatically update Deliveries and Shipments
  • Receive Proof of Delivery


  • Fastest shipping process
  • Web based Shipping solution
  • Multi-carrier compliant
  • Supports multi-mode (Ocean,Parcel,LTL,TL,Air, etc.)

A Next Generation Shipping Solution for SAP Business One

Leveraging years of industry expertise and proven software solutions, ProcessWeaver offers a single-source solution that allows enterprise users to rate, ship, and track small parcel and LTL/TL shipments without ever leaving SAP Business One System. Our solution takes the complexity out of multi-carrier shipping and provides a comprehensive, cost-effective, and ready-to-use application. Why consider integrating with just any 3rd-party shipping system, when you can leverage your investment in SAP Business One with a solution which resides within your SAP Business One system and is certified by carriers?

Are You Ready for a Permanent Fix?

Why consider any 3rd party shipping system that can take months to deploy, when you can leverage your investment in SAP Business One with a solution that resides within SAP Business One and can be up and running across your enterprise in just a few weeks!



ProcessWeaver provides complimentary solutions to SAP's ERP offering - the ability to rate, pack, ship, and track packages from within your SAP Business One system. ECS ensures that you consistently meet carrier and customer requirements for rating, routing, label and document printing, and EDI, without relying on an external 3rd-party solution. ECS ensures shipping in SAP Business One is faster, more accurate, less problematic, and results in lower transportation spending and enhanced operational efficiencies.


Powered by the most advanced carrier compliance technology, ECS ensures that you consistently meet carrier requirements for rating, routing, labeling, international documents, and EDI. ECS supports certified shipping for DHL, FedEx, TNT Express, UPS, USPS, and more. In addition to small parcel carriers, ECS supports the rating and shipping for virtually any LTL/TL carrier.


Not all carrier services are created equal. For this reason, ECS helps you determine the least expensive way to ship a package or evaluate the least costly method when considering delivery date requirements. ECS rate shopping functionality can be accessed from any SAP User Exit, so it can be integrated into virtually any business process including SAP Quote, Sales Order, SAP Purchasing, Packing, and Shipping. ECS ensures that you always provide the fastest shipping at the lowest possible cost.


For each shipment, ECS automatically updates the Delivery, Shipment, or Sales Order with freight amount, tracking number, and any other information you might require to help facilitate other SAP Business One processes. In fact, ECS can automatically trigger the PGI as part of the shipping process. ECS does not stop there; as your shipments move through the supply chain and are delivered, ECS automatically updates with a Proof of Delivery (POD) time and date, as well as signature information. Real-time updating means real-time supply chain visibility.


Real-time updating of your Deliveries/Shipments/Sales Orders with shipping and tracking information means real-time supply chain visibility. Enterprise users can easily access POD and tracking information. From ECS Shipments Tab, your enterprise users can access all tracking numbers associated with a specific Delivery, as well as delivery dates and signature information. Tracking numbers can be linked to Handling Units (if applicable), and contain hyperlinks that take users to carrier web sites for more detailed tracking information; all from within the SAP Business One system.


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