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Enterprise Freight Auditing and Analytics - Business One Add-on

Collect, Aggregate, Audit, and Analyze Shipping, Tracking, and Billing Across all Carriers



Enterprise Freight Auditing and Analytics (EFA) automates in-house freight auditing by checking for billing accuracy in carrier invoices and taking corrective action on billing errors, fraudulent use, discount errors, service failures, rate verification, and Guaranteed Service Refunds.

Freight rating and billing errors are a common and costly problem for businesses that ship products with up to 20% of all carrier invoices billed incorrectly, companies pay millions of dollars in overpayments. Auditing and paying freight bills are very involved business processes that consume vital resources, or the task is outsourced. Companies now have a ready-to-use solution to meet their auditing and analytics requirements.

EFA analyzes your outbound shipments against carrier invoices and delivery data, allowing you to:

  • Audit carrier invoices for errors
  • Identify service failures and guaranteed service refunds
  • View carrier shipping, tracking, and invoice detail
  • Identify shipping errors that are resulting in assessorial charges
  • Generate reports by plant, sales order, delivery, shipment, date, carrier, account, service type, and more
  • Repurpose logistics data across multiple business processes


EFA is a comprehensive and easy-to-use platform that allows your organization to collect, aggregate, audit, and analyze shipping, tracking, and billing information across all your carriers.


EFA functionality allows you to audit each and every carrier invoice by checking for errors, fraudulent use, and carrier service failures. EFA audits your carrier invoices for things such as accurate contract rates, negotiated discounts, appropriate freight classification, weights, assessorial charges, fuel surcharges, duplicate invoices, and over-charges making certain that when you pay your freight bills, you pay the correct amount. EFA includes intuitive interface that allows users to review carrier invoices, accept and reject transactions, and approve invoices from a single application.



EFA provides 360° view of disparate logistics information that can bog an organization down. After EFA collects, aggregates, and centralizes your shipping, tracking, and billing information, it allows you to orchestrate how this information is presented to individual enterprise users based on how they need it. EFA allows users to analyze and report shipping activity by date, carrier, service type, customer, sales order and delivery number.