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Produmex PDMX Suite - SAP® Business One Add-on

Produmex is a global provider of distribution and manufacturing solutions for SAP Business One

Produmex PDMX Suite for SAP Business One Add-on

The PDMX Suite for SAP Business One continues to complement and extend the SAP Business One core functions in critical operational areas in the field of logistics and production.

SAP Business One for small and midsize businesses is a complete ERP system that streamlines and automates all your business processes, including accounting, sales, inventory, and CRM. It’s affordable and easy to deploy, and it grows together with your business.

SAP Business One is also a great option for large enterprises that are looking for an ERP solution for subsidiaries. At Produmex, international projects give us experience in implementations at companies of all sizes.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse Management

To excel in today’s highly competitive global market, your company needs a flexible and integrated warehouse management solution that supports all industry-specific logistic processes.

Production Management
Production Management

Ensure fast and accurate information exchange between the shop floor and the top floor.

Integration Management
Integration Management

The PDMX Suite for SAP Business One offers extensive integration capabilities with a wide variety of software and hardware systems


Government regulations and industry guidelines demand full traceability from companies of all sizes. The PDMX Suite helps you tackle this challenge.

Quality Management
Quality Management

To help you efficiently fulfill regulatory obligations, Produmex offers industry-specific add-on modules for Quality Management.

PDMX Serialization
PDMX Serialization

Serialization, i.e. the individual numbering and identification of products at item level, is an effective anti-counterfeiting technology which has been integrated in the PDMX Suite for SAP Business One.

PDMX Warehouse Management:

To excel in today’s highly competitive global market, your company needs a flexible and integrated warehouse management solution that supports all industry-specific logistic processes.

PDMX Warehouse Management is an industry-specific solution that has certified integration with SAP Business One. It conforms to SAP Business One integration standards and conventions and received the SAP Business One Add-On Solution Certification. It has been developed to provide greater control and documentation of logistics on the shop floor or in the warehouse.

For logistics and wholesale distribution companies, its tracking and tracing functionality complements SAP Business One and adds unique functionality for businesses in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors. PDMX Advanced WMS communicates with operators on the shop floor via handheld terminals or touch screens. From purchasing, goods receipt and storage, labeling, route planning, inventory management, production, and packaging to the eventual dispatch, this fully integrated system guarantees total traceability throughout the supply chain.

PDMX Advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) delivers significant cost savings for companies in heavily-regulated industries. It streamlines and optimizes inbound and outbound logistics and meets even the strictest regulatory requirements for quality, serialization, shelf life, traceability, and catch weight.

Our in-depth experience in regulated industries means that you get a proven solution and increased return on your investment.

PDMX Production Management:

The PDMX Production Management module is part of the PDMX Suite for SAP Business One. It supports both manufacturing companies in the regulated industries (food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetics) as well as companies engaged in discrete manufacturing (industrial equipment, consumer electronics).

Produmex enhances and extends SAP Business One to meet the needs of more complex manufacturing. It provides more flexible manufacturing, which includes shop floor integration and traceability from raw materials to finished goods to customers. The result is a more responsive, productive and efficient manufacturing operation.

PDMX Production Management offers a wide scope of functions, including:

  • Graphical representation of production and packaging lines
  • BOM management
  • RF terminals for picking and production
  • Picking for Production (FEFO/FIFO)
  • WIP In / WIP Out
  • Weighing & Dispensing
  • Management of tank & silos (liquids & powders)
  • TouchScreen-guided Production and Packaging Execution
  • Traceability of batches and serial numbers throughout production
  • Bottling of liquids (with traceability)
  • Traceability of mixed liquids.
  • Quality management
  • Shop floor integration to counters, scales and other devices
  • “Optional items” in BOMs and Production Orders
  • Quantity tolerances allowed in BOMs and Production Orders

PDMX Production Management is an integral part of the PDMX Suite for SAP Business One, which delivers the end-to-end functionality required by manufacturers, including procurement, inventory, warehouse, production, sales, and financial management in a complete, fully-integrated software solution.

PDMX Quality Management:

PDMX Quality Management allows goods to be managed according to their quality status, ensuring that the right material is used at the right time. This functionality can be used for goods receipts, raw materials, production, packaging, finished goods, returns, and anywhere else where inventory is managed.

  • Management of inventory by quality statuses (Example: quality status can determine whether it can be picked for production, picked for replenishment, whether it can be sold, etc.)
  • Transition stages can be defined for each quality status (i.e. from Quarantined to Approved or Rejected)
  • Reason codes associated with quality statuses
  • Integrated with SAP alerts for workflow and escalations
  • User definable quality statuses
  • On-demand traceability of all quality status changes

PDMX Traceability On Demand:

Governments are increasing the regulatory scrutiny into the supply chain for food products.  Regulations and guidelines such as the Food Safety & Modernization Act (FSMA), the EU Food Law and the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) demand full traceability (Tracking & Tracing) from companies of all sizes. In addition, large retailers are making additional demands on their entire supply chain to ensure that they are compliant. Being able to quickly perform a mock-recall with reliability is becoming a vital necessity for companies in the food industry.

PDMX Traceability On-Demand. The Produmex enhancement for SAP Business One will track raw materials and finished goods from the moment they arrive into your warehouse and to the final customer.

You will now be able to perform forward or backward traceability by:

  • Item
  • Barcode
  • Batch number
  • Production or Packaging Line
  • From-/ Till Date.

PDMX Serialization:

On a worldwide scale, industries and public authorities increasingly have to fight organized fraud and counterfeiting. These criminal practices cost billions of $ to companies, governments and consumers in terms of loss of sales and tax revenues, abolition of jobs, safety and health risks, etc.

Industry segments such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, tobacco, food, luxury goods, telecom and high tech product are particularly affected by this.

Apart from the financial losses, the regulatory requirements that governments gradually are imposing become more and more strict and make it necessary for companies to act.

Serialization, i.e. the individual numbering and identification of products at item level, is an effective anti-counterfeiting technology. This technology has been integrated in the PDMX Suite for SAP Business One as a standard feature to address the growing requirements of its customers in this area.

Produmex substantially enhances and extends the base functionality of SAP business One. The result is great visibility of inventory by serial number (or by batch) combined with on-demand traceability to meet regulatory requirements, for recalls, service and support, and to prevent counterfeiting.

PDMX Serialization covers functions including:

  • Generation of serial numbers (including randomization & control characters)
  • Goods receipt of serialized items
  • Production and labeling of serialized items
  • Picking and shipping of serialized items
  • Tracking & tracing of serialized items
  • Pedigree reporting

PDMX Integration Management:

One of the strengths of the PDMX Suite for SAP Business One is its integration capability with a wide variety of software and hardware systems. This guarantees a transparant data and information exchange to support efficient and accurate operations.

Business Software Integration

The PDMX Suite offers capabilities for information exchange with other software systems. These include:

  • B1iSN & B1iF integration engine for integration between SAP R/3 – ECC and SAP Business One
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
    • ASN – Advanced Shipping Notification
    • DESADV – Despatch Advice
    • XML & CSV formats
    • Interface monitor
Material Handling Equipment

The PDMX Suite for SAP Business One has been integrated with material handling equipment, including:

  • Cranes
  • Conveyors
  • Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) – mini load
  • Weighing & dispensing
  • Catch weight management
  • Quality status at item level
  • Changes of quality status
RF Terminals
  • WIFI
  • RF handheld terminals
  • RF truck-mounted terminals
  • RFID tags and readers
  • Item label printers
  • Logistic label printers

PDMX Order-to-Cash:

To excel in today’s highly competitive global market, your company needs cash availability and a flexible and integrated order-to-cash process.  Managing order-to-cash ensures that orders get delivered on time and payments are collected quickly.  PDMX order-to-cash solution covers each stage of the process from sales order management, order fulfillment, billing, credit management to cash collection.


Whether you receive orders in your system via manual entry, internet, or EDI – the solution assures your orders are seamlessly entered into the system assuring orders are handled quickly and accurately.

  • Quote Creation
  • EDI Order Processing
  • Manual Order Processing
  • Internet Order Processing
  • Payment Acceptance

Fulfilling orders

Your Order-to-Cash operation specializes in fulfilling orders through inventory management, shipping and logistics.

  • Inventory and Operations
  • Lean Inventory Planning and Optimization
  • Procurement Operations
  • Warehouse & Distribution Management
  • Shipping
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) via EDI


Whether you’re dealing with creating invoices, processing customer payments, collections, cash application or chargeback processing – you’ll find everything you need to collect and record your cash.

  • Electronically Deliver Invoices
  • Credit Card Payments
  • EFT Payments
  • Chargeback Processing

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

An important component of the Order-to-Cash process is maintaining good relationships with customers and vendors. With the Order-to-Cash Solution you’ll have advanced document delivery options allowing you to manage communications better than ever before.

  • Activities
  • Agenda
  • Alarms
  • Service calls


Having access to the right information to support your decisions will improve business processes, allow you to discover new opportunities, and give you a competitive advantage.

  • Dashboards
  • Crystal reports
  • Query wizards

PDMX For Large Enterprises:

SAP Business One in conjunction with the PDMX Suite is also an ideal business and operational management solution for branch offices, subsidiaries and business partners of large enterprises.

Worldwide, more than 1.500 large enterprises have chosen SAP Business One as platform for their subsidiaries and business partners to ensure transparency and seamless integration with corporate SAP ECC installations. Through the release of SAP Business One’s integration platform B1iSN, large enterprises now have a cost-effective way to integrate small(er) subsidiaries, operational departments, suppliers and business partners to gain control, increase visibility and reduce costs.

Produmex has gained considerable experience of worldwide implementations of SAP Business One for large enterprises running SAP ECC at corporate level.

In this context we can offer you the following benefits

  • Out-of-the-box integration, proven in practice
  • Fast implementation
  • PDMX Suite for Production – Logistics – Serialization – Quality – Traceability
  • Broad SAP ECC expertise available within the Naxxos group
  • Localized country version & language support
  • Reduction of Total Cost of Ownership by 50%