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SBOeConnect - SAP® Business One Add-on

Integration Between SAP Business One and Magento E-commerce Storefront



The conceptualization of SBOeConnect took birth from gap analyzed for the robust backend for a comprehensive ecommerce web portal. After having expertize in e-commerce and ERP domain InSync conceived the idea of integrating the best of breed solution in both the domains which gave birth to the product named SBOeConnect.

SBOeConnect is a simple, integrated, flexible solution for automatic data synchronization between SAP Business One and the Magento e-commerce platform.

This solution is a real time communication channel between SAP business one, worlds's best ERP for SME, and Magento, fastest growing e-commerce platform. The future of the product will be generalization over the proven solution on the ERP side and connectivity to not only eCommerce but also to any website, CRM, SCM solutions.

SBOeConnect SBOeConnect

Why Integration is Required?

In this competitive business world you should always have the capability to view a full and correct picture of your business. This is especially true when important decisions need to be made in real-time.

The problem appears when SME's grow and their databases become more complex. It then becomes more problematic to locate, access and share information across the departments. Also if SME's deals in Online Business and storing online transaction information into back office business solution, the task becomes more difficult to re-enter online information into back office software and vice versa.

Your staff can end up spending more of their time updating information than actually making use of it. The appropriate solution of the above problem is creating an integrated business environment with automated processes that consolidate the data within your different systems quickly and simply.

Designed to provide affordable integration across your business, SBOeConnect easily integrates e-commerce shopping cart designed in Magento with Back Office ERP Solution SAP Business One.

Why SBOeConnect?

Magento is one of the most flexible, fastest growing and robust e-Commerce platforms. Also the licensing cost of Magento CE is nil. So you do not have to pay any extra licensing cost to use Magento as your storefront. SAP Business One is most flexible ERP software available in the market for SME's.

InSync always tries to represent the IT industry in an innovative way and after years of research and feasibility study we come up with the integration services for SAP Business One with Magento open source e-Commerce called 'SBOeConnect' in a most affordable price.

SBOeConnect quickly and cost-effectively integrates Magento e-commerce portal and SAP Business One ERP Business Solution.

With SBOeConnect, changes to your mission-critical data are automatically applied from Magento to SAP Business One and vice versa. With SBOeConnect in both systems, you save manpower, reduce human error and improve your business's overall productivity.

Business Benefits of SBOeConnect

  • Better control of your business
    Web customer transactions will directly affect SAP Business One G/L accounts. Financial reports can be generated in SAP Business One based on the web transactions. These reports will help you to understand online sales trends and your profit.
  • Improved Efficiency through Streamline Process
    Gain full view of your business, when you need it. Keep resources focused on core initiatives. Order Fulfillment, customer and product management all can be done by centralized system.
  • Increased efficiency with minimum expenditure
    Run your organization efficiently with the help of this single, integrated, non-expensive application and also reduce the cost of maintaining separate employees for data entry in individual modules.
  • Reduced chance of failure
    Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to implement, with minimum training from professionals your employees are ready to efficiently start using the application with less chance of failure.
  • Reduced risk
    Due to minimum human involvement/input, there is reduced chance of data redundancy or error. SBOeConnect provides your business with complete data consistency throughout the organization.
  • Reduced post implementation hassle and cost
    The application is developed and thoroughly tested under strict regulations, leading to less maintenance hassle and cost; thus improving your revenues and employee satisfaction.
  • Best ROI
    Reducing the deployment time by fast integration process provides you best Return on Investment that you can never imagine.


Real Time Data Exchange:

SBOeConnect 2.2 allows you to safely and securely exchange data in real time concerning customer details, orders, item details, payment & shipping information between Magento Commerce and SAP Business One. By following SOA architecture and Magento web services APIs, SBOeConnect performs all exchanges through secure SOAP Data Exchange format which provides smoother data transfer without any data loss.

Point of Integration

Support for Multiple website and web store:

SBOeConnect 2.2 is getting one step ahead in terms of integrating with multiple websites of Magento. Now you have the ability to attach an ERP Pricelist against Magento websites. So ERP products can be uploaded to multiple e-commerce websites of Magento with different pricing based on SAP B1 Pricelist. You can set product attributes, multiple images, and categories against each web product from within SAP Business One. Also web products with multiple images can be downloaded from the storefront to SAP Business One all at once.

Automatic currency conversation support:

You can have separate currency setup for your web store and ERP. So whenever any Order or product is synchronized in any way (from e-commerce to ERP or from ERP to e-commerce) the currency will automatically be converted into the set currency of that platform. Thus business owners don't have to worry about the currency conversion; SBOeConnect 2.2 will intelligently involve in all currency conversions.

Supports Bi-Directional Integration:

SBOeConnect 2.2 supports integration in bi-directional mode. Customers, orders, item, payment and shipping details will be integrated from Magento Commerce to SAP Business One and vice versa. SBOeConnect 2.2 not only provides you the capability to integrate your e-commerce and ERP sales process, but also you can upload your business partners, items and sales orders from SAP Business One to Magento e-commerce web store. So basically SBOeConnect 2.2 enhances SAP Business One for B2B and B2C e-commerce Business.

Support for data updates:

Any updates that are taking place in the web will automatically be reflected in the ERP and the same will happen for any updates in ERP side. Updates in customer information, billing & shipping address, product information, inventory detail and order status will synchronize Bi-directionally.

Product Configuration:

SAP Business One items can be configured as simple, configurable, bundled and grouped products and can be uploaded to the e-commerce storefront. Configurable attributes, price differences for the products can be controlled from SAP Business One itself. Exclusive properties related to a product can be treated as custom option in SAP Business One. With SBOeConnect 2.2 you will be able to showcase particular SAP Item Groups to the web and can restrict other groups as per your requirement. You can also upload/restrict upload 'Cancelled' products in SAP B1 to ecommerce storefront through SBOeConnect 2.2. On the other hand all products of multiple websites and web stores of ecommerce storefront can be downloaded to SAP Business One.

Payment & Shipping Details:

Shipping Method, Shipping Charges calculated in the Magento web store will automatically be reflected in SAP Business One Sales Order. Even the online payment information (Transaction id) will appear in SAP Business One. Tax calculated in the web as per tax setup, will synchronize to SAP Business One and reflected in Sales Order.


SAP Business One item inventory is affected by the web transaction. The inventory is decreased in the web and SAP Business One whenever any order is placed by the web customer. Any stock update in SAP Business One will also update the stock in Magento storefront. So through SBOeConnect 2.2 the inventory management can be done.

Transparency to the e-commerce customer:

Web customer will get the most updated product details in the e-commerce web store. Order Details, Order status, Shipment Tracking Number can be controlled from SAP Business One and all this information is available for the web customer in the storefront. So this provides a transparency to the web customer.

Special Prices/ Discounts:

Special Prices or discounts for a particular period can be set against particular customers, customer groups, items, item groups from SAP Business One and this will be reflected in Magento storefront. Discounts made in the web shop are taken into account in SAP Business One and shown in the Sales Order.


  • Increases Self- Service functionality for web customers.
  • Reduce inventory cost through proper purchase planning by having updated sales information.
  • Generate all kinds of financial reports in ERP based on web transactions.
  • Order fulfillment cycle is reduced through real time data availability.
  • Increased customer satisfaction through most updated data on the e-commerce storefront.
  • Get competitive advantages through streamlining your online and offline business processes.


SBOeConnect synchronizes the operations of SAP Business One and Magento e-commerce platform, and provide real-time access to data, alerts and tracking each and every customer, order, transaction and item details. The point of integration between SAP Business One and Magento Commerce are given below:


customer integration

  • Web customer can register online. All The registration information like account information, contact information, billing & shipping address, etc. will be synchronized to SAP Business One Business Partner Master Data.
  • Any existing Magento web customer details can be downloaded to the ERP Business Solution automatically in real time.
  • In the other way a new Business Partner can be created in ERP Business Solution and can be uploaded to the Magento storefront with all details, through SBOeConnect. These new business partners will be treated like a normal e-commerce customer and will get the web account login details through an email.
  • All the existing SAP Business One business partners can be uploaded to the multiple websites of e-commerce storefront in different web customer groups with a single click.


Item Integration

  • Promote SAP Business One items to the e-commerce web store as simple, configurable, bundled and grouped products. SAP User can attach multiple images along with an item before uploading to e-commerce web store.
  • Current Inventory Levels associated with the ERP items will be picked up at the time of Product Upload and this will be reflected in the storefront.
  • Special Prices/Discounts on items can be set from back end ERP software and this will be reflected in the web store.
  • Any update on items like stock, price, item details, etc. in ERP software will instantly be reflected in e-commerce storefront.
  • Similarly existing simple, configurable, grouped and bundled web products can be downloaded to ERP software in just one click.
  • If the e-commerce admin updates any product details, this will instantly be reflected in SAP Business One Item Master Data.


Order Integration

  • All the web sales orders placed by the web customer will instantly be converted into SAP Business One Sales Orders.
  • All the web sales orders placed by the guest customers will also be transformed into ERP Sales Orders and placed against a defined guest business partner in SAP Business One.
  • After web order is synchronized from e-commerce store to back end ERP, Successful/ Failure online payment status will be reflected in ERP Sales Order. Status and ID is provided by PayPal and Authorize. Not available currently, so need technical discussion
  • On the other hand new and existing Sales Orders of SAP Business One can be uploaded to Magento storefront in just a single click.
  • Once Delivery/ A/R Invoice is generated in ERP software, web user can instantly get the update by viewing the web order status which will be changed to "Shipped" and "Complete".



  • SBOeConnect provides the support for any kind of Online Payment in the storefront. It also supports multiple payment gateways.
  • Any kind of online payment in the web will generate an Incoming Payment document in the back end ERP solution. The web payment transaction id is also available in that Incoming Payment document. Need Discussion.


Shipping Integration

  • Shipping Method selected by the web customer in the storefront can be seen in SAP Business One Sales Order after order synchronization. Similarly shipping charges calculated in the storefront is also available in SAP Business One Sales Order.
  • ERP user can put the shipment tracking no. in SAP Business One in Delivery.
  • This tracking number is available in the storefront in the order details. Thus web customer can track his/her shipments using this tracking number.


SBOeConnect 2.2- Magento e-commerce integrated with SAP B1


SBOeConnect is the Application which is responsible for periodical and manual exchange of data between Magento web store and SAP Business One. Periodical exchange is supported in minutes; SAP user can set this time interval manually in the SBOeConnect Sync Manager. After this predefined time Magento website and SAP Business One synchronizes. On the other hand this synchronization can be done manually by the SAP user through SBOeConnect manager Quick Synchronization Process.

This SBOeConnect system uses SAP Business One, Magento and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as database. For successful operation we have to make some configurations in SAP Business One and Magento as below:

  • SAP Business One should be implemented on a Windows Server with SQL Server database, .NET Framework 3.5 and above.
  • Magento should be implemented on either same SAP Business One Server or any different Windows or Linux server.
  • Both the server should have internet connection.