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SBOeCube - SAP® Business One Add-on

Flexible, Scalable and Affordable Analysis and Insight into Business Performance



In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment, it is necessary for business to respond to change with speed and efficiency. Having access to the right information and data is imperative to make informed decisions. In the small and medium enterprises (SME) sector Information Technology remains largely unorganized and ad-hoc making access to information difficult.

SMEs around the world, in their quest for better information, have tried migrating to large and costly ERP systems. Almost all of these organizations would acknowledge the cost and pain in the transformation exercise with some of them reporting complete failure of these large and complex ERP systems. Organizations which succeed in implementation face high costs of ownership due to support and training costs. The solution to above problem was to implement a business intelligence tool which not only helps to analyse the data but also have a minimal total cost of ownership.

The Solution

SBOeCube can convert data into actionable insight with an integrated view of all your information through dashboards and analyses.

Information cubes such as Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Production and Finance provide you with ready information for consumption based on predefined or ad-hoc analyses. Dashboard and charts enhance the readability of the information for executives who need a bird's eye view of business operations and performance. Information is readily exportable and can be distributed via email and allow managers on the move to easily access data.

Key Features:

SBOeCube provides seamless connectivity with SAP Business One.

  • Dashboards, 2D Charts, 3D Charts, Pivots and more …
  • Seamless connectivity to SAP Business One
  • Choose from pre-defined analyses or create your own analysis
  • Email and export reports, charts and dashboards
  • Tested with live data and over a million records
  • No expensive hardware or software required works with SQL Server which is a pre-requisite for SAP Business One

Out of Box Dashboardgraphs

  • Get a 360 degree view of your business with real time data
  • Choose from standard dashlets or create your own
  • Customize dashboard layouts to show only the information you need
  • Interactive charts with runtime analysis
    • top n analysis
    • drilldown and drill back features
    • zooming and scrolling
    • 2D and 3D chart types
    • over 30 chart types with real-time switching
    • switch series and value fields in real-time
    • save your chart definitions for later use
  • Circular and linear gauges
    • define values, filters and scaling of values
    • define red, amber and green ranges for values
    • save your gauge definitions for later use
  • data tables with grouping, sorting and filtering to give detailed tabular information
  • export and email

Out of Box Reports

Sales or Accounts Receivable

  • Analyse your sales like never before – by customer, item, Item group, region, sales employee and more …
  • Compare sales performance across time periods – this week vs. last week, this month vs. last month, this year vs. last year, and more …
  • Get ready analyses for revenue growth by customer, item, item group, region, sales employee and more …
  • Drive collections by analysing the Top N outstanding and Sales vs. Receipts to focus on the right customers.
  • Concentrate on your most active and inactive customers by analysing sales by revenue, quantities and number of invoices across time periods.
  • Measure customer credit terms and payment performance with a comprehensive Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) analysis.
  • Analyse your order processing efficiency by looking into the facts for orders vs. deliveries.
  • Track and analyse your complete sales cycles in one pivot grid.

Purchasing or Accounts Payable

  • Improve purchasing efficiency by getting ready analysis – when did I last buy this item, who were the suppliers, what were the rates.
  • Analyse the purchase by grouping the vendor, Country, Region, item, and more …
  • Easy analyses on a single click of your complete purchase cycles along with the purchasing volume from the vendors.
  • Analyse your top N items and vendors along with their Groups.
  • Get the status of an item in terms of quantity i.e., ordered quantity vs. received quantity, and more through a single report.
  • Consolidate branch and purchase office information on the fly – get consolidated balance's purchase.


  • Improve efficiency of inventory management by getting the details of current stock and commitments.
  • Control your inventory by slow and non-moving inventory analysis, inventory holding comparison across time periods, and more …
  • Consolidate warehouse information on the fly – get consolidated balance quantities of items across multiple companies.
  • Track and analyse your complete inventory transactions in one single view with different dimensions.


  • Analyse your complete char of accounts by the details from all your GL accounts in one view.
  • Get graphical picture of your profit and loss statement and compare it across multiple companies.
  • Get the comprehensive analysis of the customer receivables by Time, Variation, Location, Sales Employee, and Customer itself.
  • Graphical chart of all documents' count and value summary in one view for the day to day transactions.
  • A never before report, Journal Report, which shows you the various financial transaction details at one place.


Document Register Dashboard

Stock Status
Current Stock Status

Journal Report
Journal Report

Customer Receivable Report
Customer Receivable Report

Chart Of Account
Chart Of Account

Purchase Audit Report
Purchase Audit Report

Customer Receivable Report
Customer Receivable Report


Finance KPI Dashboard
Finance KPI Dashboard

Finance KPI Dashboard
Finance KPI Dashboard


SBOeCube- Business Intelligence for SAP Business One

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