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Softengine BusinessNow!™ - SAP® Business One Add-on

SAP Business One Software as a Service

BusinessNow!™ at a Glance

BusinessNow!, exclusively available from Softengine, as a "subscription-based" hosted SaaS SAP Business One solution provides undeniable value proposition with low-cost subscription billing, versus enterprise-type projects with high up-front costs, long and costly implementations, network infrastructure, expensive technical personnel and maintenance costs and with unknown ongoing fees.

With ready-to-use functionality, BusinessNow! delivers immediate business value and ensures predictable deployment and operations. It was designed for productivity and ease of doing business while providing customers a 360° view of their entire business.

BusinessNow! and SAP Business One

BusinessNow! enables small, emerging and mid-sized companies to manage core business operations in a single system, which includes:


BUsiness wantsA New Breed of Solution


BusinessNow!™ Ifrastructure Reliable and Safe

BusinessNow!™ & SAP Business One run on most proven technologies. Backups are done as scheduled tasks so no one forgets to do them to Cloud Storage (alternate hosting sites, WebAir, GoDaddy) for redundancy. System Availability is assured using secure Latisys servers (utilizing RAID& SAN) for subscription-based systems, with pre-installed and up-to-date Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and the new Microsoft Windows 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApps technology. Additional services provided by Softengine and a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC), like Monitor & Alert program, ensure that the application and database are tuned properly.

Data Security

For many companies, the level of security and availability, disaster recovery, and back-up provided by a software-as-aservice provider far exceeds that which they can provide themselves. BusinessNow!™ provides multiple layers of data protection to ensure your business information security.

Internet Firewalls & Anti-Virus

Firewalls & Anti-Virus software employed by hosts block all attempts to access data other than from methods and points allowed by authorized users.

Internet Communication

One can implement an alternate internet communication method with "air-cards" offered by major cellular providers to provide backup to the primary "wired" access (DSL, T1).

Authorized-only Access

True 128-bit SSL Certificates enable our users to experience the strongest SSL encryption available. When users access the BusinessNow!™ system, they must login, with the unique ID and password that are required. Passwords expire quarterly, prompting users to create a new one based on pre-defined "strong" password requirements.

SAP Business One Security

Control password expiration, password format as well as procedure, form, report, query and even field level security are employed. Data Ownership security is also supported.


The average bandwidth per user should be 70KB; the range is 30KB to 128KB per user.

The BusinessNow! Solution utilizes the core Microsoft Terminal Services RemoteApps technology functionality which on average uses about 30k-70k per user. If you calculate the bandwidth needed for 11 users it will give you (30k to 70k) * 11 = (330k to 770k) total bandwidth required.

softengineThe minimum bandwidth for a useable RemoteApps Session is 26.4Kbps

Bandwidth will increase by 3 to 4 Kbps per resolution change.

Local Network Integration

Installation of BusinessNow! is easy and quick to establish the respective RemoteApps connection. Parameters are configured into Terminal Services RemoteApps which automatically incorporates your internal network, enabling printers, fax servers, shared drives and more. The result is a full and complete business solution fully integrated with your internal network!

Most typical users of BusinessNow! are not aware they are using a hosted subscription model, as the response, network integration and functionality is comparable to that of most client/server environments. Any situation that requires an extremely rapid rollout of applications, or a deployment of applications to branch office sites with very low bandwidth WAN connections can be accomplished easily with TS RemoteApps.