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Softengine PDA Mobile - SAP® Business One Add-on

Take Full Advantage of theLatest and the Most Popular Mobile Internet Technology


Benefits of Softengine PDA Mobile

Softengine PDA Mobile Solution allows you to take full advantage of the latest and the most popular mobile internet technology that dramatically increases your order desk productivity and offers the most advanced solution to better manage orders and account activities for your salespeople wherever they are with internet connection, i.e., the trade show floor or customer's location.

PDA PhonesReduce Expenses – Expand your Reach

It lets companies increase their sales and market reach on the Internet while being connected to their SAP Business One. Softengine delivers the superior ERP business management system, SAP Business One, combined with mobility access.

Increase Profits through eCommerce

Open your business 24/7 without additional order desk and customer service staff. Improve your customer support using Softengine PDA Mobile Solution Self‐Service for sales staff to optimize customer relationships. Close interaction with your customers is not only a cost effective and profitable strategy; it is a key part of long‐term customer retention. Improve customer satisfaction by systematically engaging your customers.

Seamless Integration to SAP Business One

The Softengine "PDA Mobile" client runs under the Windows Mobile operating system installed on a hand-held device. Users can access their Web systems via Wi-Fi, GSM and other wireless data services.

The application syncs Customer, Items and Prices and you can create Sales Orders from the PDA via Barcode Scanning. Those Sales Orders will be online synced to SAP Business One when internet connection is available.

Orders 24/7 – Anywhere!

Salespeople can work outside the office with quick and easy access to their in-house system for placing orders or checking account activities for their customers. Customers themselves can use their Pocket PC or PDA to access their accounts and place orders without the need of a desktop computer.

mobile sccreenshot

Pocket PC's/PDA can be used by the sales staff on the showroom or trade show floor to place orders. The devices can also be offered to the walk-in customers to select items as they shop and be able to pick up the orders at the checkout counter. Barcode scanners enable rapid order entry with real time pricing lookup.