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SAP® Business One Starter Package - Implementation
What to Expect When You're Ready to Get Started

Getting Started:

Depending on the scope of the project, the starter package can be implemented within 3 to 10 days with the basic configuration and data import from your legacy software. Before getting started, your partner will provide an implementation framework that outlines these four main elements:

Starter Package Scope Document
In the scope document, or solution map, you'll see an overview of the business process functionality addressed by the software, as well as an overview of the implementation tasks and activities.

Starter Package Implementation Plan
The implementation plan provides structure and documents the tasks and activities that take place during the implementation. It includes project management and implementation baselines and defines the roles and responsibilities of parties involved.

Predefined Implementation Work Packages
To install your software as efficiently as possible, work packages will be used that define all the tasks that must be completed during the implementation. These implementation tasks are divided into tasks for the consultant and tasks you can do yourself, supported by the end-user documentation of the starter package.

Preconfigured Content
A localized template is provided as part of the starter package that can be used to jump-start your standardized implementation.

End-User Documentation

As part of the starter package, end-user documentation is included to help minimize training. This documentation includes product help files, standardized work instructions, and Flash-based demos for key business process and implementation tasks.

How to Upgrade

If your business needs outgrow the starter package, upgrading to the full version of SAP Business One is a breeze. You simply keep your current starter package software and upgrade your user licenses. This risk-free approach is ideal for start-ups and growing companies that have no more than five software users and want to get up and running quickly with minimal investment and risk. When you grow over time, simply import your new licenses and take advantage of the extended functionality in SAP Business One. No software updates are required. You don't have to buy new software, disrupt operations, or migrate your data. Should you need to extend your IT infrastructure because you're increasing the number of users significantly, or if you need additional support or consulting services, contact for help navigating your options.

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