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Driving Down the Costs of EDI Integration through Automation



You're ready to do business with the big retailers but they've requested you trade via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Sounds expensive doesn't it? Well, with TaskCentre you don't need to buy EDI software, commit to a particular VAN or employ more staff.

Orbis Software and Dimension Software have collaborated to deliver the drag and drop functionality you need to quickly and simply address your EDI Integration requirements.

The Problem:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Software is notorious for being expensive, slow to deploy and time consuming for employees to manually administer.

Magento IntegrationThe Solution:

The TaskCentre EDIView Integration solution not only removes the need for EDI Software but it will automatically push EDI data to and from your ERP system without employee intervention. Also, it reduces deployment times, maintenance costs and does not tie you to your existing ERP solution.

Downloading EDI documents from your VAN

You're ready to trade with the big retailers but they'll only do business via EDI. However, you don't have an EDI solution in place to pull down EDI documents from a VAN and on the surface the cost and complexity of this looks quite daunting.

TaskCentre and it's EDI Tools remove the need for traditional EDI software and is more affordable to purchase and maintain. TaskCentre will automatically pull down EDI documents from the VAN which saves valuable time and money.

Uploading EDI documents to your VAN

EDI is not a one way street. The big retailers also demand that you send invoices, advanced shipping notifications and other common business documentation via EDI. These activities can be very time consuming and error prone to process manually.

TaskCentre and its EDI Tools will automatically create and push EDI documents to the VAN as and when required. Once again, TaskCentre's automation capabilities remove the need for traditional EDI software solutions and dispels the complexity surrounding EDI.

TaskCentre is also for existing EDI software users

TaskCentre and its EDI Integration Tools have transformed the EDI arena. It will not only automate the creation and distribution of EDI documents but it will also automatically push data back into your ERP solution (with rules based workflow authorisations if required).

TaskCentre removes the need for manual data entry, automates the creation of important back up files and significantly reduces the cost of doing business. It will also monitor key EDI data for you.