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Integrating FedEx with Business Software and More



By integrating FedEx with your business software you will remove repetitive data entry, optimise delivery costs and significantly increase employee productivity. Isn't it time you enjoyed the commercial benefits of automation?

Orbis Software and its global partner community have collaborated to deliver the drag and drop functionality you need to quickly and simply integrate with FedEx.

The Problem:

FedEx is a leading courier service and is used by thousands worldwide. However, placing orders with this service for the majority of businesses is still a repetitive, manual employee process. Losing valuable employee time and money to this repetitive administrative task is a business pain many businesses would happily live without.

Magento IntegrationThe Solution:

The TaskCentre FedEx Integration solution automates the flow of information between FedEx and your business software.

Pushing orders from business software to FedEx

Order fulfilment is a critical element of your business operations. In fact, you've dedicated an employee or despatch team to manually extracting orders from your business software and place them with FedEx for fulfilment. Its a repetitive job but it needs to be done.

TaskCentre is will automatically extract orders from your business software and seamlessly place them with FedEx for fulfilment. It also automatically prints the labels.

Placing orders with FedEx or another provider

Its common for businesses to use FedEx and other courier service providers simultaneously. Factors such as geographical destination, fulfilment speed or package size/nature all influence which courier businesses opt for. Needless to say, an employee makes the choice and subsequently wastes time manually conducting the order fulfilment process.

TaskCentre will automatically identify which orders need fulfilling and, depending on the business rules you set, place an order with the most economical/suitable provider. Basically, automation keeps costs down and saves time.

Pulling data back from FedEx for other uses

FedEx provides you with a wealth of valuable information such as tracking numbers and delivery notifications. But putting that information to good use needs more valuable employee time and administration.

TaskCentre will automatically pick up tracking numbers and publish them to your customer portal, eCommerce solution or send them to customers via email or SMS. It can also record proof of delivery into your business software.