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Integrating Magento with Business Software and More



By integrating Magento with your business software you will eradicate repetitive employee data entry, remove the risk of costly errors and significantly decrease order fulfilment times. What are you waiting for? eCommerce doesn't have to be painful.

Orbis Software and its global partner community have collaborated to deliver the drag and drop functionality you need to quickly and simply integrate with Magento.

The Problem:

Magento is a powerful eCommerce solution that is used by many organisations worldwide but it still needs people to extract its data and rekey that information into business software. Employees also extract data from business software and rekey that into Magento. This takes time, is error prone and is an unnecessary cost.

Magento IntegrationThe Solution:

The TaskCentre Magento Integration solution automates the flow of information between Magento and your business software.

Pulling Magento orders into business systems

Its been a busy day, you've just taken 300 orders in Magento. Sadly, some time starved employee has had to extract these orders from Magento and manually rekey the data into your business software. Ouch.

TaskCentre is a market proven solution that automatically extracts data from Magento and seamlessly enters this into your business software. No need to rekey orders. It really is that simple for our customers.

Integrating Magento with courier services

So, you've manually rekeyed all orders taken in Magento into your business software but you are now faced with the task of placing them with your preferred courier service(s). More costly administration for you and your employees.

TaskCentre will automatically take orders from your business software (Not forgetting that TaskCentre can automatically insert orders in there in the first place!) and place them with your courier service provider. It will also automatically print the labels out for your despatch team to process. More time saved via automation.

Pushing order statuses and more into Magento

Everyone involved with eCommerce understands that data also needs to be pushed up. Data such as order statuses, new products, stock level changes, delivery tracking numbers etc all need to be manually entered into Magento.

TaskCentre will automatically extract data such as new products and images, stock availability levels, order statuses etc from the relevant sources and push that straight back into Magento. No employee administration required. Ever.