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TaskCentre® BPM Software Suite - SAP® Business One Add-on

Business Process Management (BPM) Suite for the SAP Business One solution



Fisher Technology is the North American distributor for TaskCentre Business Process Management Suite authored by Orbis Software.

TaskCentre® for SAP Business One offers a unique state-of-the-art Business Process Management (BPM) Suite for the market leading SAP Business One solution; enabling organizations to cost effectively build, operate and maintain any number of automated processes.

The TaskCentre BPM Suite leverages the powerful capabilities of SAP Business One to bring people, systems and information together within an organization through the acquisition, manipulation, dissemination and integration of information; offering a generic approach to automated processes specifically designed to meet precise business requirements.

Just some of the benefits of business process automation:

  • Real-Time Visibility of Critical Information
  • Lower Operational Costs
  • Stakeholder Optimization
  • Freeing-up of Time for Employees
  • Stronger Revenues
  • Greater Agility »

BPM solutions available for SAP Business One through TaskCentre:

Taskcentre functions


Advanced Business Alerts:

Organizations today need to ensure that they are instantly notified of situations before or as they happen, enabling them to make better informed decisions based upon critical data events.

In today's information age, organizations now manage an ever increasing array of information systems, which inherently possess little or no functionality to generate notifications based upon data events or criteria.

TaskCentre® provides comprehensive tools and design capabilities to integrate with any number of existing applications or systems to provide people with the information needed to make timely and accurate decisions; whenever and wherever they are located.

Illustrations of how TaskCentre®'s Advanced Business Alerts are in operation in organizations today are:

  » Bank Overdraft within 15% of limit
  » Key customer put on credit hold
 Human Resources
  » Health and safety training overdue
  » Sick days abnormally high
  » High set-up time
  » New drawing revision
 Customer Services
  » Contract expires in 2 months
  » New call assigned to agent
 Logistics and Operations
  » Delivery due date in 2 days
  » Rescheduled delivery
 Sales and Marketing
  » Overdue contact activities
  » Inbound call volume high

Example Channels: Email, SMS, MMS and WAP Push


More than ever, organizations today are striving to achieve efficient, consistent and measurable processes as a pre-requisite to delivering quality to their customers. Maintaining alignment with, and auditing of (Quality) Management System without the right technology foundation is a challenging, time consuming and costly endeavour.

Workflow enforces consistency in the organization's processes and can therefore play a fundamental part in the acceleration of company performance and the development of a sustainable competitive advantage. Yet, to date, most traditional Workflow systems are reliant on the individual to identify and start a workflow process rather than this being dynamic, event-driven and integrated with their own systems.

The problems caused by traditional approaches to Workflow are also exacerbated by the number of people and departments that business processes can cross and, therefore, the requirement for intelligent Workflow functionality is high on the IT agenda.

Through TaskCentre®, organizations are able to add Workflow capabilities to their existing software applications, which immediately increases productivity, eradicates administrative waste and enhances stakeholder relationships.

Illustrations of how TaskCentre®'s Workflow capability has helped existing clients include:

  » Increased credit limit acceptance
  » Funds transfer approval
 Human Resources
  » Holiday sign-off consent
  » Expenses approval
  » Production schedule approval
  » Product returns agreement
 Customer Services
  » Call allocation and acceptance
  » Spare part authorisation
 Logistics and Operations
  » Spare part authorisation
  » Purchase order authorisation
 Sales and Marketing
  » Purchase order authorisation
  » Account manager change request

Example Channels: Email, SMS, MMS and WAP Push and Web Browser

Document Automation:

The creation, distribution and management of business documents are commonplace activities for management personnel and administrative staff alike. Traditional document concepts still form the backbone of structured business communications and transactions.

TaskCentre® Document Automation functionality provides tools that enable organizations to connect existing applications and systems, which can automatically generate and distribute document flows, to all the company's stakeholders and trading partners. Whether they are reports, letters, order acknowledgements, invoices or statements, structured and repetitive documents can be automatically generated, presented and delivered via a variety of formats and channels.

Illustrations of how TaskCentre®'s Document Automation is operating in organizations today are:

  » Monthly statement distribution
  » Credit control letters
 Human Resources
  » Job specification circulation
  » T&Cs of employment
  » Job ready for collection
  » Job status report
 Customer Services
  » Welcome pack and SLAs
  » Monthly support calls report
 Logistics and Operations
  » Loading instructions
  » Transport requests
 Sales and Marketing
  » New product introductions
  » End-of-line specials

Example Channels: Email, Fax, Print, PDF, Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML, CSV, Microsoft Word, TAB Separated, RTF and Crystal Reports

Web Content Publishing:

Communicating with company stakeholders and ensuring that they have access to and visibility of relevant information is vital in the current competitive environment. Cost-effective communication will help to develop long-term beneficial relationships and contribute to future organizational growth.

Within an organization, valuable knowledge typically resides in ring-fenced information 'islands', often within departmental or organizational boundaries. However, making this information more widely accessible to employees, partners, customers and other stakeholders is labour-intensive and cost prohibitive.

Using TaskCentre®'s Web Content Publishing capabilities, online information can be automatically generated, published and updated according to user-defined rules.

Illustrations of how clients are using TaskCentre®'s Web Content Publishing capability include:

  » Publishing of KPIs
  » Live customer account statements
 Human Resources
  » Holiday entitlements
  » Company car association/details
  » Job status information
  » Capacity levels
 Customer Services
  » Current queue status
  » Outstanding support calls
 Logistics and Operations
  » Drop history
  » Manifest lists
 Sales and Marketing
  » End-of-line items
  » Inactive clients

Example Channels: FTP, HTML, XML, MS Word, MS Excel, PDF and Flat file

Subscriptions and Requests:

Today's consumers and business partners want information on demand. We require specific data as it becomes relevant and demand that it is sensitive to the channel through which we make the requests. Fuelled by our increasing reliance upon the internet and the expansive growth in mobile devices, information on demand is expected in every dimension.

For an organization, supplying dynamic information services places considerable strain on its human resources, but to ignore these needs and not develop an offering would be to risk losing out to competition. For example, the speed and accuracy of the response to an initial enquiry forms the very first impression of your organization.

TaskCentre® provides a range of tools to develop and maintain highly configurable and user defined 'subscription based services or request-response' mechanisms that integrate tightly into any organization's databases and information systems. The development of a 'self-service' infrastructure to automate the delivery of information is accelerated. Furthermore, TaskCentre® enables any organization to easily adapt and evolve to the constantly changing face of customer requirements.

Subscriptions and Request services developed through TaskCentre® include:

  » Balance enquiry
  » Credit status
 Human Resources
  » Holiday availability
  » Training course subscriptions
  » Job completion date changes
  » Employee shortfalls
 Customer Services
  » Next support call request
  » Overdue support calls
 Logistics and Operations
  » Current stock availability
  » Overdue orders subscription
 Sales and Marketing
  » Price changes
  » Property details

Example Channels: SMS, Email and Fax


Organizations need systems that support end-to-end efficiency for their business processes, whilst ensuring that all complexities remain absolutely invisible to operators and external partners alike.

Integration interfaces are developed and delivered by software vendors within their own individual API's, toolsets and formats. More often than not, there is very little standardization across systems and therefore integration becomes a matter of hard-coded development or low-level scripting.

TaskCentre® bridges the gap between disparate information systems, by providing a graphical process modeler and comprehensive operating environment that either dramatically reduces, or totally eliminates the need for complex integration development. By design TaskCentre® delivers and manages process integration, ensuring that systems 'talk to each other', no matter how complex the requirements.

Integration services developed through TaskCentre® include:

  » Updated supplier contacts
  » Lodge a payment dispute
 Human Resources
  » Update personnel details
  » Employee payment data
  » New product specifications
  » Changes to raw material prices
 Customer Services
  » Self-service ticketing
  » Customer satisfaction feedback
 Logistics and Operations
  » Preferred delivery dates
  » Undelivered/faulty materials
 Sales and Marketing
  » Automated unsubscribes
  » Update name & address

Example Channels: VB Script, COM, OLEDB, ODBC and XML