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Velocity LBM Reporting - SAP® Business One Add-on

Lumber and Building Materials Solution

XL Reporter in SAP Business One has an intuitive and familiar user interface that accesses Microsoft Excel and provides a metadata layer that limits user exposure to technical tables and field structures. XL Reporter presents a meaningful view of business and system data. Even novices can create reports with drill-down capabilities in seconds with the tool's drag-and-drop features.

From simple transaction detail reports to advanced financial statements and dashboards, you can generate reports whenever they are needed. To improve report usability, XL Reporter supports multilevel reporting, which allows data to be grouped and viewed at all levels. If you need to access lowerlevel detail, you can easily drill down to information directly from your report output.

To ensure that your reports contain only relevant data, you can customize them according to your needs by using parameters such as date, customer, and item number. Because Microsoft Excel is an integral part of the user interface, formatting and calculations are instantly comprehensible. You can also create predefined templates for special layouts, such as reports with a company logo and enhanced pictures. Once created, these templates can be applied to any report subsequently generated.

screenshot graphsMany small businesses struggle with the complexities of generating accurate and timely financial reports from company data. Most reportgeneration tools lack the ability to gather the correct financial data and the flexibility needed to put that data in a useful format.

Often businesses are forced to export data into various applications and then piece that data together to create reports that are out-of-date the moment they are created. You cannot afford to base the critical business decisions you make every day on unreliable financial data.

Use the XL Reporter tool to create management dashboards that provide snapshots of key performance indicators such as sales bookings, year-to-date revenue, accounts receivable, and open orders.


XL Reporter provides all the tools your business needs to create and execute reports in an easy-to-use graphical environment. Use point-and-click and drag-and-drop technology to comfortably maneuver in your reports and get access to multiple levels of data in SAP Business One and Velocity LBM.

Enhance your control over reporting and budgeting work with XL Reporter by generating standard and ad hoc reports, and by drilling down into and analyzing detailed data. You can quickly organize reports using flexible report parameters, schedule report generation, and define auto mated distribution to selected recipients. In addition, you can determine the format in which reports are distributed: as email or hard copy, or in other formats.