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Velocity LBM - SAP® Business One Add-on

Lumber and Building Materials Solution

Velocity LBM is built on the business platform established by SAP Business One, a solution designed exclusively to meet the needs of small businesses. SAP Busness One is an integrated, affordable business management application. Through the utilization of solution development standards and assessment tools provided by SAP for streamlined integration, we have created a Windows® based solution for the Millwork, Pre-hung door, and Building Material industries.

All product releases have passed the stringent requirements of SAP and be certified for integration with its Business One package.

The core product is comprised of the SAP Business One solution. Velocity LBM adds the specific features for manufacturing, inventory management, pricing and reporting that your business requires.

Customer Benefits

Software solutions can be powerful, enabling business owners to pursue new opportunities and achieve new competitive advantages.

Velocity LBM leverages advanced fea-tures and functionalities designed to improve all facets of Building Material operations. As a result, our clients are able to boost efficiency, reduce costs, increase sales and profitability and gain the edge needed to compete effectively within their marketplace.



Velocity LBM includes manufacturing functionality designed by professionals with industry experience. This unique insight has resulted in a more stream-lined and efficient manufacturing design and process for your company.

Velocity does not require a separate pre-defined bill of materials for each unit, so the number of products that must be entered into the system is reduced by more than half. Items are combined into one product, or group, alleviating the need to enter data for thousands of product combinations.

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Pricing: Flexible pricing structured around the requirements of the Building Materials Industry. Multiple Pricing methods and Levels for each location.

Customer Jobs: Your customers often have multiple jobs, all of which may have very different requirements. Velocity LBM allows for an unlimited number of jobs per customer and each can have individual pricing, payment terms, salespeople, tax information and much more.

Tally Products: Manage random length products efficiently through both the purchasing and sales processes.