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Coresuite Accounting - SAP® Business One Add-on

Standard financial reports for SAP® Business One.



Coresuite Accounting

Coresuite Accounting simplifies the work of the finance department. You can finally get account statements, account plans, budget reports or simply balances profit and loss accounts at the touch of a button.

Coresuite Accounting offers all the necessary analysis to fully complement SAP® Business One. All reports are printable in A4-Format and make the daily work in the finance module from SAP® Business One easier.

Operational Areas.:

  • Accounting
  • Budget controlling
  • Searching for mistakes

Reduce conclusion works to a minimum and navigate quickly and easily in your bookings.

The new SAP® Business One translation functions allow you to translate all texts in the layout to all languages, in a simple manner.


  • Marketing Documents: Printing and designing layouts of sales and purchasing forms such as orders, delivery notes, invoices, etc.
  • Reports, Lists, Pivot tables: Including Multi-tables, master details / Sub-reports, combined with all other objects e.g. charts in spreadsheets.
  • Diagrams / Charts: Standalone or combined with reports.
  • Forms and Index cards: Precise results e.g. through original forms scanned in the background.
  • Interactive Forms: All major barcode formats supported (also 2d DataMatix). Measures are also freely definable. Compatible with well-known printer labels like Zebra.
  • Tags incl. Barcodes and Graphics: All major barcode formats supported (also 2d DataMatix). Measures are also freely definable. Compatible with well-known printer labels like Zebra.
  • Change letters without text editing using the RTF object: It is called as as a function in each SAP® text field and can be used to make small changes to texts (coresuite editor).


Simplified accounting with standard reports.

Coresuite accounting widgetsIn order to efficiently create standard reports for the finance department, it is vital that they are kept simple. The coresuite accounting 2.5 module contains a selection of evaluations on the subject of accounting.

Guaranteed data image.

The most important thing about financial accounting is to be able to rely upon exact figures. Our standard reports are a precise replica of your SAP® Business One data bank and guaranteed to the very last cent.

Support for multiple currency.

Do you have an account in a foreign country and would you like to have the statement of account in the foreign currency as well? That is no problem, as most of our reports support the multiple currency function.

Tax evaluations.

Every accountant is familiar with the endless discussion of tax controlles around system evaluations. With the three integrated tax reports that is now history. Gain access to all information at a glance and with only a mouse click.

Multidimensional budget evaluation

The bugdet is a matter for the management and must comply with the highest requirements. This makes monthly evaluations and/or displays a MUST for all SMEs.

Quick navigation.

In daily business, efficiency makes the difference. When dealing with large amounts of information, it is vital that you keep your perspective. The search for differences or open items must be carried out quickly and with the utmost precision.

Retroactive reporting possibilities for accounting review.

Generally, the closing balance is not conducted at the end of the year, but during the first quarter of the following year. The accountant must then be able to retroactively evaluate all reports, meaning, according to date. Our transactions reports are guaranteed to fulfil these requirements and are review proof.

Configuring access authorizations.

Do you need to limit the group of people who have access to financial data? This module enables you to control access authorizations using the SAP® Business One standard function. One report can be released separately or as a group.

Individual documents.

Is your company part of a group and do you therefore need to produce different types of reports? coresuite accounting 2.5 supports the balance sheet layout function, which enables you to produce individual balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.

Parameter and filter functions.

Is this type of evaluation too detailed for you, or do you wish to ignore certain accountings? Use our preinstalled parameters and filters for that purpose.

Drill-down function.

Our reporting pack offers you the same comfort with the drill-down function you are used to from SAP® GUI.

Standard reports overview:

  • Account plan and movements
  • Business partnertransactions
  • Open items list
  • Balance sheet (model)
  • Balance sheet opening
  • Profit and loss account
  • Profit and loss account (model)
  • Budget
  • Tax report according to taxing codes
  • Tax report according to general account


An SME relies on its accounting system for many different reasons. Hence, turnover analysis, budget accounting, clear balance sheets and success accounting are absolutely vital for each ERP. coresuite accounting 2.5 offers all the necessary analysis to fully complement SAP® Business One. All reports can be printed in A4 format, and make the daily work in the SAP® Business One finance module easier.

Additional Information:

System requirements and restrictions

Processor Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent). Dual-core processors an advantage
Memory up to 200 MB per user is freely available to core suite
Hard Drive 50 MB free available for core suite
Resolution 1024x768
Printers Most Windows-compatible printers are supported
Internet connection For the benefit of automatic updates
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (1) , Windows 7 (1) , Windows Server 2008 (1)
Runtime Microsoft. Net 3.5 SP01
SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 / 3, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (2) , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (2)
SAP® B1 2005A / B SP1 (3) , 2007A SP00 (4) , 2007A SP01, 8.8

(1) Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 for SAP® Business One as of Version 2007 PL supports 47th Together with add-ons but it can still cause problems. SAP® Business One COM interfaces used to communicate with third-party add-ons. SAP® Business One also needs to install updates explicitly as an administrator (Right-click context menu) and run the User Account Control is disabled.

(2) The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in connection with the Windows Server 2008 supports only!

(3) SAP® Business One 2005 will be complete only up to core version 2.50 support suite.

(4) SAP® Business One 2007 SP00 PL 47 is complete only up to core version 2.90 support suite.


SAP® Business One

  • from SAP® Business One 2007 SP0 PL35
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • coresuite framework


Coresuite Accounting Data Sheet (.PDF)