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ALLiGACOM EDI Integration - SAP® Business One Add-on

Manage EDI Communication with Customers and Suppliers


Whether you're a small business or a large organization integrating SaaS EDI into your business management system can deliver substantial cost savings and increased productivity. By reducing the time and expense associated with managing EDI communication with customers and suppliers, integrated SaaS EDI represents the leading edge of supply chain technology.

Simple EDI solutions

Our expertise is EDI integration with business management systems. ALLiGACOM works with a select group of business technology partners, including SAP, Microsoft, and Sage to ensure our SaaS EDI solutions constantly evolve with advances in enterprise software and follow established design protocols.

ALLiGACOM employs a team of certified software developers at our headquarters in order to maintain control of our development work and service offerings. We were one of the first companies world-wide to achieve certification for our proprietary AS2 software and our EDI-Integrated Suite for SAP Business One.

ALLiGACOM offers companies wishing to simplify transactions with their trading partners the ability to integrate an EDI solution with their business management system in a way that is transparent and easy for all users—even those who aren't familiar with EDI.

"The EDI-Integrated Suite from ALLiGACOM manages all EDI processes for you, from mapping, trading partner testing and compliance, to document transmission, data integration, and error management."

ALLiGACOM's solutions integrate to a large number of ERP, accounting, and industry-specific software packages. They are also capable of providing SaaS EDI integration to custom developed enterprise platforms.

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This approach offers many benefits: