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Boyum IT B1 Productivity Package - SAP® Business One Add-on

Smooth, User-friendly platform for SAP® Business One

Boyum IT

simpicity at workOverview:

The B1 Productivity Pack will initially feature the following modules, with numerous further modules to be added subsequently:

B1 Print & Delivery

Crystal Report is the worlds most used reporting system and now it is available to all SAP® Business One users. SAP® has acquired Business Objects who are behind Crystal Report, which means that SAP® has gained the user friendly interface to Business Intelligence which was needed.

B1 Print & Delivery is advanced Crystal Report integration enabling users to email Marketing Documents and Account statements from SAP® Business One via Outlook, saving them eons of time and briefcases of money.

By activating one Crystal Report, users can manage all Marketing Documents making the B1 Print & Delivery the ideal tool to customize your customer’s system in a quick, easy and profitable way.

print pull down menu
B1 Print & Delivery can take over the entire document handling process for sales and purchase documents. You have the option to control each of the delivery methods (Print, show, Email, PDF and add document). You can also work with multiple layouts of different business partners or on the fly choose a different layout.

Each single action you can do with a report can be customized in details with the powerful report action configuration. You can set up individual actions or group them together in a multi-action (Example: print and email with one click). And in the future even more actions will be included.

B1 Document Manager

B1 Document Manager (B1DM) is a tool for companies wishing to monitor their attached files more closely (e.g. ISO certifications) and enrich them with associations to SAP® projects, profit centers, documents etc.

B1DM enables you to administer documents outside SAP® Business One on a designated server, but you can still find these documents in SAP® Business One.

This is made possible by B1DM’s highly configurable keyword system which allows users to create predefined and custom search-terms for files located in business partner and item folders. By doing so it is possible to search for specific documents that are placed inside the SAP® Business One database AND in a designated folder on a server.

B1 Budget

In SAP® Business One you can make budgets on accounts. With B1 Budget you can now also make budgets on Customers and Items and run Budget reports detailing Management and Sales. This means that users can easily see which part of the business are on budget and which parts are not. Customer budgets and Items budgets can be made on Customer/Item group level and/or directly at Customer/Item level.

B1 Time Task

B1 Time is, quite simply, a Time Registering module. Users can create ”tasks” and assign one or more employees to register time against these tasks. Based on the time registered, customers can then be invoiced in one run.

time chart

When a task has been created and assigned to the specific employee(s), the time time spent on the task can be registered. This is easily achieved using a worksheet which displays tasks relevant to each user when they are logged in to SAP.

The billing procedure makes invoicing customers quicker and easier than ever before. When running the billing wizard within a specified date range, users are provided with a full overview of future invoices.


B1 Document Manager Data Sheet (.PDF)