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CitiXsys iVend - SAP® Business One Add-on

POS and Retail Management Solution



Retailers face multitude of challenges in today's marketplace. To succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace, retailers must find innovative ways to compete that are not based solely on price. To effectively stay in business and maximize profitability, retailers must effectively manage business variables, reduce operation costs, maximize efficiencies, ensure excellent customer service, and collaborate with suppliers. To stay ahead of competition retailers must follow customer-buying patterns and forecast future needs.

Many midsize retailers struggle everyday to compete with effectiveness. They lack proper technology solutions and are still struggling with old legacy applications that are not compatible and non-integrated with their business / accounting application; Or worse that they are using spreadsheet applications for analysis which is extremely ineffective and time consuming.

Most retailers need an end-to-end solution, which provides them a near real time view of their operations with centralized control and enables them in faster decision-making.

iVend Retail is an end to end retail solution that covers everything from POS to Back Office to Head Office operations. An iVend Retail setup can range from a Single Store with one POS to a complex multistore environment with complete integration with your day to day business operations. The solution automates the entire operations, virtually eliminating paper work.

iVend Retail allows the management team at the Head Office to have complete control over data at the stores. It extends flexibility at the Head Office to setup and configure the system from one place and therefore simplifies the management of data.

iVend Retail delivers a configurable, flexible, and scalable solution that is easy to setup and implement and integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One.

iVend Retail is ideal for both high-volume retail operations and high-service specialty stores. High volume retailers will like its quick service interface. High service retailers will appreciate the many complex special order fulfillment options, customer specific pricing, flexible kit combinations, and customized, ticket-building special messaging for the POS screen.

Head office / In-Store management

iVend Retail offers complete back office functionality both in the store and at the Head Office. It provides the store manager total control over activities within the store and at the POS. In-Store transactions are replicated to the Head Office, allowing quick decision making without considerable delays

The store set up in iVend Retail is managed from the component known as the Management Console. This module of iVend enables configuration of retail Enterprise/Head Office (HO) and Store entity. The front end user interface remains the same irrespective of the module being set up either at the Enterprise Level or at Store Level. iVend Management Console is installed on the Enterprise/HO and at Stores (optional) to setup the master data required to transact at the POS. The Management Console interface is also used by store mangers / store staff to raise purchase orders, receive goods against purchase orders / stock transfers, stock transfer shipment to other stores / distribution center, cycle counting, requisition management, label printing, etc. iVend is fully PCI compliant and stores the credit/ debit card details in an encrypted format in database.

Iven SAP Business One add-on POS Solution

iVend POS

iVend POS is fast, dependable and powerful POS application with an easy to use keyboard or touch-screen operated user interface. iVend POS makes transactions processing error free, easy to manage and execute for any retail operations.

iVend POS application contains industry-leading configuration functions in areas such as pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. The POS interface can be quickly configured to display exactly the information needed by POS operators. Receipts can be customized as required with graphics and logos.

Security levels can be set for POS operations thereby requiring manager override for exceptional transactions


Stay connected with your business operation:
iVend Retail comes as an end-to-end business solution for retailers which uses SAP Business One for head office operations and an extensive retail management application to manage store and POS operations. This failsafe integration with SAP Business One keeps the head office always connected with the store operations across the complete retail chain

Inventory control and replenishment :
With iVend Retail, head office operations have complete visibility of stock across the retail chain and can effectively push stock rather than relying on store requisitions. Additionally the merchandising department can raise purchase orders in time to avoid complete stock out situations

Never loose a sale:
iVend Retail delivers up to date visibility of stock across the retail chain. POS operators can gain complete visibility of stock across stores or at the main warehouse / distribution centers right from the POS interface. In stock out situations, POS operators can put items on order and fulfill them from other stores or at a later date by replenishing stock from the distribution center.

Smoothly process routine and complex transaction:
iVend Retail enables the POS operator to combine multiple transaction types with in single POS transaction. For example – POS operators can process a sale refund and sale transaction in a single transaction rather than a two step process, which involves a separate transaction for sales refund and sale.

Reliable and safe Credit Card transactions:
iVend Retail offers fast, easy, safe, and cost-effective card management with integrated payment processing from industry-leading banks.

Grow your average sales ticket:
Up sell and alternate item suggestions pop up on the POS interface enabling the POS operator to make additional recommendations to the customers

Retain customers and manage customer communication:
The loyalty management module in iVend allows you to define flexible / lucrative campaigns, which ensure that the customers keep coming back, thereby increasing customer profitability by rewarding the right customer. It delivers a full range of analytics and service capabilities that help you better understand each customer's value and design promotions that maximize the potential of all your customer relationships. Customers can be informed of available points, their value and their validity.

Promotions that maximize profitability:
Manage targeted promotions by easily analyzing detailed customer trends at individual stores and throughout the retail chain. Promotions can be defined in multiple formats such as period based discounts, quantitative discounts, mix and match and buy some get some.

Remote Query Execution
The Remote Query Execution feature enables the user to execute the same queries across partner companies and thus generate ad-hoc reports in real time by pulling the most updated data from the partner companies

Make the right decisions:
Flexible reporting options in iVend help you make accurate decisions


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