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Coresuite Connector - SAP® Business One Add-on

B2B Integration (EDI) and Intercompany for SAP® Business One.



Coresuite Connector

coresuite edi is designed for companies who run SAP® Business One and wish to rapidly exchange Data electronically through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).

Using coresuite edi allows you to generate and send EDI messages such as orders, despatch advices and invoices automatically in a few simple steps.

coresuite connector connects, by use of EDI, SAP® Business One with strange systems and Intercompany, whereby master data can be synchronized automatically. The use of standards like SQL, XML and XSLT make it a learnable and extremely flexible working tool. Its large diversity is scarcely assumed away for future-orientated customers and companies.

A frequent application of the coresuite connector, is the import and alignment of article master data of suppliers and the automatic transmission of orders to suppliers. Complete templates, as well as ready GUI support are delivered (search masks for the article to be imported etc.)


  • (1) In the first step the necessary data is extracted from SAP® Business One and converted into an EDI standard format
  • (2) The EDI message is then transmitted to the relevant business partner or service provider
  • (3) Finally the message is received by the 3rd party and converted into their own specific format

coresuite edi allows you to integrate with business partners quickly. This reduces the work needed for you and your partners and lowers the integration costs.

It supports Crossgate’s m@gic EDDY converter, the leading specialist for universal data exchange and automated inter-company processes.


Master data synchronization.

The coresuite connector synchronizes business partner and item master data between different SAP® Business One mandates. It works well to compare different SAP® Business One mandates between each other. With the event-driven procedure, changes are viewable at once and don‘t have to be synchronized subsequently

Basis for data import and export.

coresuite connector offers a solid basis for all types of projects which mandatorily involve exporting or importing data from SAP® Business One. This makes it easy to add new documents or export all the information on a specific business partner as XML document. The export data can be exported in IDoc standard and imported into SAP® R/3.

Dynamic definable business processes.

Business processes can be freely defined in XML files which means that they can be adjusted to individual needs. Its clear definition allows to conduct adjustments quickly and cheaply. The use of standard SQL, XML und XSLT technologies ensures that you get quickly acquainted with the system.

Connection to third party systems – import/export.

This solution enables to very simply and quickly export and import XML files. Data can be loaded into SAP® Business One from outside, which means that collaborators in charge of external service can process their client orders using an Excel sheet and subsequently load it into the system, using the coresuite connector.

Central management.

Due to its central installation in the SAP® Business One server, all configuration changes must be conducted only in one location and apply to all clients. As coresuite connector runs invisible at the background, no changes occur in the commonly known work environment.

Workflow optimization.

With coresuite connector, documents can be created without need for a specific order to that effect. For example, when a new client order is generated in taskmaster A, the corresponding purchase order can be automatically created in taskmaster B.

Event-driven functioning.

coresuite connector is driven by events. This means that it can immediately react to changes inside SAP® Business One. For example, if the address of a business partner is updated, a new XML file containing the changed data is immediately exported without you having to regularly export data.

A business process consists of a trigger, various numbers of converters and an output. As soon as the trigger has been initiated, it will generate a XML document with the basic data and will pass it on to the first converter. The converters can extend, respectively change, the whole data structure of the document with additional data. The output, which releases the data in the requested form, is at the end of the business process.


This solution offers you limitless ideas and possibilities on how to make your workflow independent or more efficient. If you are unable to conduct a specific process with the supplied standard components, you can have coresystems program it individually for you.

Additional Information:

System requirements and restrictions

Processor Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent). Dual-core processors an advantage
Memory up to 200 MB per user is freely available to core suite
Hard Drive 50 MB free available for core suite
Resolution 1024x768
Printers Most Windows-compatible printers are supported
Internet connection For the benefit of automatic updates
Operating System Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Runtime Microsoft. Net 3.5 SP01
SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 / 3, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (2), Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (2)
SAP® B1 2005A / B SP1 (3), 2007A SP00 (4), 2007A SP01, 8.8

(1) Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 for SAP® Business One as of Version 2007 PL supports 47th Together with add-ons but it can still cause problems. SAP® Business One COM interfaces used to communicate with third-party add-ons. SAP® Business One also needs to install updates explicitly as an administrator (Right-click context menu) and run the User Account Control is disabled.

(2) The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in connection with the Windows Server 2008 supports only!

(3) SAP® Business One 2005 will be complete only up to core version 2.50 support suite.

(4) SAP® Business One 2007 SP00 PL 47 is complete only up to core version 2.90 support suite.

Supported Platforms

  • Operating System Server: Windows Server 2003 / Windows Server 2008
  • ERP-System: SAP Business One 2007 / 8.8
  • Databases: MS SQL 2005 / MS SQL 2008
  • EDI-Format: EDIFACT / XML
  • Communication protocols: AS2 / FTP / OFTP / SFTP / X.400


Coresuite Connector (EDI) Data Sheet (.PDF)