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Coresuite Cube - SAP® Business One Add-on

Consolidated and Graphic Evaluations for Finance and Sales Departments

Finance and sales departments receive consolidated and graphic evaluations without having to work through complicated data structures. cube

Your benefits:

Data analysis - simply implemented!

coresuite cube extends your existing ERP by an efficient reporting component.

coresuite cube enables you to analyze data by a simple mouse click and without programming knowledge. Evaluations are processed quickly, are available by topic and are also visually attractive.

chartCreate your own Reports

Thanks to the drag and drop function, evaluating data becomes fast and simple. Compiling your own reports has never been easier. As soon as your evaluation has the desired format, you can save your settings locally and access them at any time. You can export your evaluation in Excel or PDF format and immediately share it with your colleagues.

Subscribe Reports

Your supervisor needs a weekly overview of the product turnovers. The production manager needs a monthly overview of the stock. And the board of directors needs a quarterly overview of the liquidity. With coresuite cube providing these reports is easy: Simply subscribe to your tailor-made report and you receive the desired evaluations with topical information automatically by email. Creating reports manually is no longer necessary.

Softwareno software

Provided your SAP Business One uses MS-SQL data base, no additional Software must be installed for coresuite cube and no additional licenses are required, apart from the coresuite cube license. The installation of coresuite cube is fast and easy thanks to the Wizard.


coresuite cube is a multidimensional data cube. All data is stored with pre-aggregated values and the access needs only minimal processing. Complicated analyses over several years are processed in seconds. A huge advantage!

cube speed


Do you already have your own user-defined fields in your SAP installation and want to integrate these in your coresuite cube reports? Or do you need the evaluation to be available immediately on several databases? No problem: Our SAP Consultants are happy to integrate your wishes and provide you with your own "custom-made cube".


The read access on the coresuite cube can be managed comfortably with Active Directory. Prevent any unauthorized data access with the usual Windows function.


Coresuite Cube is available in two versions: