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Coresuite edi - SAP® Business One Add-on

Administer and Monitor your Fixed Assets in SAP Business One

globeYour benefits:

Realization of new business models

With coresuite edi common business processes between customer and supplier are being realized within a short period of time. Considering the current data structure the following report types can be automatically created and processed in just a few steps:

EDI Chart

Several customers and suppliers can be integrated into the company processes, regardless of the size of the company.

Coesuite EDI CahrtEvent-driven functionality

coresuite edi works event-driven: incoming messages are being processed immediately, so that orders can be kept directly, and without manual integration, as customer orders in SAP Business One. By request outgoing messages such as invoices can be transmitted immediately and without delay to the business partner. A flexible validation guarantees that only complete messages are being transmitted.

Standard technology

By using the SAP Business One integration platform (B1i), coresuite edi can be integrated seamlessly into the SAP Business One landscape. No additional costs for licenses will occur. The export and import will be in SAP XML format. Usually
the internationally standardized data exchange format EDIFACT
will be used for the communication with the business partner.


The cooperation with leading EDI providers guarantees the interoperability with all internationally important provider and networks. For the communication with the AS2 transfer protocol, news is being transmitted safely through the internet to the provider. Contrary to the transmission via X.400, no additional cost will occur for the transmission and mailbox.