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Coresuite Liquidity Package - SAP® Business One Add-on

See and Analyze Changes from the Past and the Future

coresuite liquidity package

Your benefits:

Regardless the economic situation, a company should always know which earnings and expenses they have. "Cash flow" is the important figure which you have to know to see and analyze changes from the past and the future.

Three outstanding Reports:


The coresuite liquidity package is for companies who prefer to control and navigate their liquidity. Thanks to coresuite liquidity package you'll be able to create Liquidity Forecasts, analyze the past with cash flow statement and calculate the average delay of payment from your customer. The difference between the SAP standard Cash Flow-Report and thecoresuite liquidity package is that you can consider orders, deliveries, invoice drafts and all other SAP documents in to your report.

InstallmentsDefine installments

With the function to define installments you can divide your earnings and expenses into different installments and allocate big outgoing liquidity to different periods.