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Coresuite Map - SAP® Business One Add-on

A New Dimension of Geolocation

Coresuite Map

Coresuite map synchronizes the master data with your ERP system and displays it on Google Maps. The app can be opened in any browser, so you can use it on your tablet or notebook while you are on the move.

Your benefits:map4

With coresuite map you can now visualize your business information on the map. With coresuite map displays the address of your business partners, the location of your colleagues and open service calls on one map. This enables you to quickly identify the colleague who is nearest to a certain client at the moment. And what's more, you can then calculate the shortest route for your colleague to get to this client.


Visualize business information

The map, provided by Google Maps, displays open service calls, the location of your colleagues and the contact details of your business partners. This allows you to efficiently plan your route. And if you have some extra time, you could for example add another stop to your route and visit a nearby client. Combined with a coresuite mobile app, you can then access the latest figures for this client on your smart phone, tablet or notebook. So you will arrive fully prepared at your imprompt sales meeting.

Integration into your existing ERP system

coresuite map can be integrated into your ERP system. This means that the headquarter-based operator can efficiently dispatch the service technicians: if a new service call comes in, he simply assigns it to the nearest technician.

map2Plan your route

When you click on one of the pins on the map, the system displays an information field which provides you with the option to include this location in your planned route. coresuite map calculates the shortest route and directs you from one business meeting to the next, or to the nearest service call.

Status messages

Write a status message to forward important information to your colleagues without delay.



Data is synchronized with the coresuite cloud, which is secured by the firewall. The data transfer is SSL encrypted. No additional hardware is needed and you can access coresuite map in diffrent browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer from Version 8, Safari.


There are no limits as to what information you can display on the coresuite map. Would you like to display important, industry-specific information? Our Consultants are happy to help you implement this requirement.