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Coresuite Mobile for Laptop - SAP® Business One Add-on

Access Your Data from Home or On The Go

With coresuite mobile you can access various master data of your ERP system via the coresuite cloud. No matter whether you want to access your data from home or on the go, coresuite mobile makes it possible.

All available functions for your Laptop can be found here:

Reports and DashboardsReports & Dashboards

Stay up to date with the financial status of your company!

The dashboards are graphical analyses, providing you with clear and quick information on current company figures. Continuous synchronization with your ERP means that the graphics are always up-to-date.

PartnerBusiness Partner

View current business partner data at a glance and be closer to your customers!

All useful data on your Business Partners is displayed on your mobile device. A quick glance gives you an overview of the distribution of responsibilities in the company and enables you to view information such as addresses, telephone numbers, current sales figures, open invoices, past activities and much more.

Efforts and Timesheet

Save time by quick and simple time recording on your mobile device!

Record your efforts on the go on your mobile device and at the same time keep your customers up to date. This time recording function is synchronized with coresuite time (AddOn) in your ERP system. In addition, time recording on your mobile device can provide you with a current overview of your total working hours.

Sales ActivitiesSales Activities

Integrated calendar, synchronized tasks and individual route planning!

coresuite mobile simplifies target-oriented planning, budget-optimized control as well as the result pursuance of marketing and sales activities. In addition, this app provides the field service representative with relevant information such as appointments, contact data, visit histories as well as specific marketing campaigns.



Record working times on your Tablet!

Enter your clock-on and clock-off times in your Windows Tablet, so that you can always have a clear overview of your current working time. This table is synchronized with your internal ERP system.

Service Calls

Improved Customer Service through more efficient personnel planning!

When the office receives a service call, it can be assigned directly to a service representative. The service representative receives immediate information about the business partner, the contact person, the address and the detailed information of the service call.



Enter a lead after a meeting, no matter where you are!

If you are at a meeting and have new sales potentials for your company, you can simply enter them on your mobile device. By the automatic synchronization, a new customer file will be generated in your ERP under "Prospective Customer".

Follow-Up Activities

Pass on information!

This function allows you to note options, information or problems of a customer. You can categorize this information. After the synchronization, this data is stored in the master data of the corresponding business partner and can be viewed by every ERP user.


Define what makes a warning necessary!

Don't miss alert messages from your ERP system anymore. You can have messages sent to you triggered by default, or you can define them in advance. For example, if an important customer places an order, you will be informed automatically.


Process optimization through internal contacts!

This HR function allows you to contact your colleagues at any time and from any place. You can make calls or send e-mails directly from the app. Information about their position is visible, as well as information on the projects and customers managed by the respective colleague.


Who's doing what, where and when!

Inform your colleagues and the office of your status. Or find out the status of your colleagues. For example, if you work on a service call, it is displayed automatically in your status, so that everyone is aware of what you are currently working on.

Geo Location / Map

Information directly on the map!

Geo-location allows you to display customer contact data directly on the map. You can also see where your colleagues are, or which customers are near your location. This app is also available as widget in your SAP Cockpit.

Geo Location


Do not miss any opportunities!

Create opportunities right then when they occur. This coresuite mobile CRM function allows you to view every opportunity which has been created. In addition, new opportunities can be created fast and easily and transferred to your internal ERP.