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Coresuite Country Package - SAP® Business One Add-on

Optimize your SAP® Business One software


Coresuite Country package now with F1 help!

The new release now includes F1 help for all coresuite country package modules. Just press F1 for the relevant help entry to appear. This new feature adds value to the coresuite country packagee and is available for free with the update. After updating the modules, you will also find that the user interfaces have been simplified, making them more intuitive and easier to use.

Your benefits:

Would you like an AddOn that simplifies work in SAP Business One and optimizes business processes in your company? With the coresuite country package, you can optimally supplement financial evaluations and change the presentation of marketing documents to meet your requirements. Searching for data in SAP Business One will be as easy as searching the Internet with Google and you can customize your SAP environment aligned to your in-house processes without any high additional programing costs.


Enterprise Search

Simple search function for your ERP!

In all of the important fields in SAP Business One (including user-defined fields), you can find documents and business partners within seconds, using various search request. Whether you are searching for files by contact name, open quotations, tasks, opportunities, receipts or even dates – looking for files with this search engine is a joy!

Enterprise search


Your ERP, customized to your needs!

The new SAP® Business One translation functions allow you to translate all texts in the layout to all languages, in a simple manner.

The coresuite country package is the perfect tool for customizing a new or an existing SAP Business One environment. Do you want to colour, hide or block fields, define mandatory fields, create new tabs or add choose from a list? No problem – in just a few clicks, the function can be in your system and will be in operation. Thanks to the simple import and export support, you have access to all existing customize rules. Furthermore you can tailor the existing rules to your own personalized requirements or can also create new rules with the help of an assistant.



Your accounting at a glance!

Finally, you can access account statements, charts of accounts, budget reports, cash flow calculations or even just your balance in a matter of seconds. Our dashboards provide you with quick information on your business. The accounting function provides you with a clearer presentation of data and data grouping, improved drill-down functionality and concrete evaluations at the level of a profit centre, distribution rule or project. Furthermore, classifications have been introduced to give you reliable financial indicators at the push of a button.



Extended printing and layout management!

The coresuite country package includes standard documents that range from quotations, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoice layouts to reports for CRM, sales, purchasing, service, warehouse or production departments, and much more. With the coresuite country package all you need to do is is to manage and update one single layout for all marketing documents. Thanks to this master layout system, changes can be made within a few minutes and print jobs can be created according to the type of document to be printed.



The graphical evaluation of your company key figures!

Within the coresuite country package you receive numerous sales, accounting and service dashboards which are created with Business Objects Xcelsius. These exiting dashboards can be integrated completely as a widget in SAP PL 12. Furthermore you can modify and adapt all dashboards to your personal needs.



The Widgets can be individually added and arranged to the SAP user interface. This gives you important information e.g. about changes of company KPI's, or the status of your social networks and you have the latest evaluations and reports open automatically.

With the coresuite map you can watch your business partner, your colleagues and the open service calls visualized on the map.



Coresuite Liquidity Package

The coresuite liquidity package is for companies who prefer to control and navigate their liquidity. Thanks to this Add-On for SAP Business One you'll be able to create Liquidity Forecasts, analyze the past with cash flow statement and calculate the average delay of payment from your customer.....Learn More.

Faxware Tobit Connector

Automatically send documents by fax from SAP Business One!

Thanks to a printdefinition configured for fax, coresuite tobit connector is the perfect solution for the automated sending SAP Business One documents as faxes. The fax numbers for the business partners are already stored in SAP, which means that sending faxes becomes much easier and faster. coresuite tobit connector also manages your fax correspondence: when you receive a fax from a customer, coresuite tobit connector retrieves the fax from the defined folder, saves it in the project archive and displays it on your screen.

This add-on for SAP Business One is easy to install and ready to use in no time!


With coresuite dms we offer a complete document management solution. Fully automated paperless archiving with indexed structure.


Coresuite Country Data Sheet (.PDF)