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Third Wave Crystalwave - SAP® Business One Add-on

Integrating SAP® Business One and Crystal Reports



Inefficiency comes at a heavy cost, especially for emerging and midsize companies. So your document delivery and reporting tools must work seamlessly with your business management system, be easy to use, and provide the flexibility and control your business demands.

Introducing CrystalWave. The first software application seamlessly integrating SAP® Business One and Crystal Reports, a popular reporting tool. The tight integration enables SAP® Business One users to design and deliver Marketing Documents and custom Crystal Reports from within the SAP® Business One environment, eliminating the inefficiencies associated with using an external reporting tool. And because Crystal Reports is the industry standard for reporting, both SAP® Business One Partners and their clients can leverage existing, in-house expertise.

With CrystalWave, SAP® Business One users can easily design and deliver Marketing Documents and custom Crystal Reports from within SAP® Business One.

Advantages of Crystalwave:

  • Document (Report) Deliver
  • Flexible Report Capabilities
  • Ease of Use
  • Maintains Data Integrity
  • Boosts Control
  • Reduces Costs


Document (Report) Delivery

Now SAP® Business One users can quickly and easily deliver marketing documents and custom Crystal Reports to colleagues, customers, and vendors from within SAP® Business One. Documents can be delivered via e-mail, Internet fax, electronic file export, and print.

  • Export Marketing Documents and custom reports to electronic formats that best suit your objectives including PDF, Word, Excel, RTF, and XML
  • Save valuable time by delivering hundreds of marketing documents instantly (with the click of your mouse) from the SAP® Business One document printing window
  • Increase your read rate by attaching messages with personalized information to your delivered documents
  • Ensure that your important communications are received by simultaneously delivering any single report via fax and email
  • Comply with customer and vendor communication preferences by setting delivery preferences for each contact
  • Keep track of report deliveries to clients and vendors with the automatic creation of an activity record in SAP® Business One

Flexible Report Capabilities

Data is not static – and reports that display it shouldn't be either. CrystalWave makes it possible to easily change or design new reports by leveraging the industry standard report editor, Crystal Reports.

  • Design and modify Marketing Documents with ease
  • Customize reports by adding any standard SAP® Business One field or User Defined Field to your report layout
  • Clone an existing Marketing Document or custom report template to produce a family of preformatted reports
  • Avoid duplication: Design one report and use it with all of your SAP® Business One databases

Item Placement Tool
Screen designer functionality where you can redesign every form in SAP® Business One. Relocate and hide fields and tabs, enabling that SAP® Business One can be customized to suit the individual customers business and processes.

Ease of Use

Whether you need to overhaul report templates or just add a logo, CrystalWave enables anyone to quickly and easily redesign Marketing Documents with Crystal Reports.

  • Execute custom reports from the SAP® Business One Command Center
  • Use SAP® Business One’s standard print, preview and email functionality to run a Crystal Report from any SAP® Business One or add-on solution window (e.g., print a custom production order report from the production order window)
  • Run reports within SAP® Business One (No need to launch a separate reporting application)
  • No training necessary

Maintains Data Integrity

The concept behind integrated business management systems is that data is shared between core business functions eliminating the need to enter data more than once and, therefore, avoiding errors. Why should reporting be any different? CrystalWave enables data and images stored within SAP® Business One to dynamically populate reports. With CrystalWave, you get it right the first time.

Boosts Control

Additional control means more flexibility for the end user

  • Create custom report categories to easily organize and manage report
  • Print to the correct printer every time by assigning a default printer to each report
  • Keep a history of email and fax report activity

Reduces Costs

By providing Document Delivery and access to Crystal Reports, the industry standard reporting tool, CrystalWave makes report development for SAP® Business One users fast, easy and affordable.

  • Rapid report development reduces consulting fees
  • Option to modify and develop your own reports saves time and money
  • Electronic Document Delivery and Filing eliminates labor and postage costs
  • Faster Document Delivery improves customer and vendor performance
  • Installs on SAP® Business One server so there’s no need for expensive, additional hardware

Get Up and Running Fast

  • Installs in less than 5 minute
  • Preformatted Marketing Documents are ready to use immediately

Product Availability

  • CrystalWave is available now from your local SAP® Business One Partner

Product Compatibility

  • Crystal Reports 9.0, 10.0 and 11.0
  • SAP® Business One v.6.5, 2004 and 2005
  • SAP® Business One Add-on Licensing Mechanism


Third Wave Crystalwave Data Sheet (.PDF)