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Coresuite Cti (ESTOS) - SAP® Business One Add-on

Synchronization of telecommunications and data technology for SAP® Business One

coresuite CTI


CTI solutions for SAP® Business One

Imagine you get all important information at a glance before you talk to your business partner on the phone - and that within a second! This is the fundamental ideal, underlying the new coresuite cti from coresystems. The product connects ESTOS CTI (Computer Telephone Integration) products with coresuite quickfinder and is fully integrated in SAP® Business One.

coresuite quickfinder is the interface between ESTOS and SAP® Business One. coresuite quickfinder registers every call made to the ESTOS service and offers several functions within SAP®. Based on the telephone number, you are directed at once to the right business partner. You can then, for instance, open a business partner mask, a service call or an activity or, thanks to Quick Functions, create a new document with a click. coresuite quickfinder also shows you other useful information about the user.

Configuration example for small companies:

Existing infrastructures on the client’s side:

  • Siemens HiPath 3000 telephone installation (or another installation suitable for TAPI)
  • Microsoft Windows network with 10 working stations
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 - Outlook installed in every work station
  • SAP® Business One 2005/2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Required software:

  • ESTOS ProCall Enterprise (including ESTOS TAPI server)
  • ESTOS MetaDirectory
  • coresuite quickfinder
  • coresuite framework (delivered together with coresuite designer)


ESTOS Pro Call Enterprise is installed in every work station computer as Outlook Add-in. The stations connect with the Tapi Server, thus acquiring CTI functions such as busy light fields or choice applications via Hot Key.

We use the ESTOS ECSTA driver to connect Siemens HiPath 3000 with the TapiServer.

The ESTOS MetaDirectory reads the data from SAP® SQL data base and makes it globally available. This information is additionally used by TapiServer and ProCall, for example, to present extensive information on the caller or to search for contacts in all linked data bases.

coresuite quickfinder is installed as AddOns in SAP® Business One and connected with ESTOS Tapi Server. coresuite quickfinder requires our framework as base system. coresuite framework is delivered together with our coresuite designer.


Integration in SAP® Business One through coresuite quickfinder.

The Quickfinder is the interface between ESTOS and SAP® Business One. It registers every call made using the ESTOS service and subsequently offers different functions within SAP® Business One. When a telephone number is introduced, a search for the corresponding business partner is immediately carried out. After this operation, you can directly open a business partner mask, a service call or an activity or, thanks to the Quick Functions, create a new document with a simple mouse click.searcing for contacts

Searching for contacts.

Connection to different data sources (SAP®, Outlook, Twixtel, etc.) is possible, thus allowing you to read contact information from any given source. Connecting to SAP® Business One allows you to find client addresses as they are registered in the system. And you can obviously also call a client directly, using ProCall Clients.

Pop up.screen popup

A speech bubble identifies the caller with all the important data from SAP® Business One. The data can be highlighted with color. If, for example, the client balance is too high, it is added in red. This immediately shows you that the client has unsettled accounts.


With the ProCall monitor you always know what is going on. At a glance, you can see which of your colleagues is free at the moment or who is on the telephone with whom. When connected to Outlook, the active terminals are also directly displayed on the monitor.

pro-call monitorConnection to SAP® Business One.

SAP® Business One gives you important business information on clients or business partners instantly. If a client calls you, you are immediately shown which company the caller belongs to and, for example, his account situation. Special fields can be highlighted in color, indicating if the client deserves special treatment or if there are unsettled invoices.


The journal keeps a log of all calls. It registers whom, when and for how long you spoke to on the telephone. Telephone calls can additionally be filtered and sorted by different criteria (incoming, outgoing, calls during absence, date, duration, time of call, etc.), thus giving you a clearer overview.

General overview of functions.

  • Telephony comfort.
  • Functions for outgoing calls.
  • Functions for incoming calls.
  • Conversation management.
  • Planning calls.
  • Search functions.
  • Modular structure: search | contact | action.
  • Cooperation and presence.
  • Organization with a clear overview.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Integration at Outlook.
  • Local contact data sources.
  • Central contact data sources (via metadirectory) (extract).


The use of a CTI solution substantially improves the level of efficiency of conversation. Automatic and efficient client and product information availability, together with the intelligent synchronous transference of calls and data lowers costs, reduces processing time and improves the quality of customer service. CTI helps your collaborators in handling clients, increasing sales and simultaneously manage the data bank. The reason is obvious: knowing the customer history helps your collaborators in selling targeted products and in handling queries.

Additional Information:

Requirements for telephone installation:

To make the connection to the telephone installation possible, the telephone installation must be provided with a TAPI driver.

Requirements for CTI server:

At least one of the following operation systems must be installed in the CTI server:

  • Windows XP Prof. SP2
  • 2003 Server (mind. SBS)
  • 2008 Server

The server should preferably be part of an active directory domain.

Hardware requirements:

  • 1GHz CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Sufficient HD capacity (over 30GB)


It is advisable to install the CTI server in an independent machine. The CTI server should not be installed on a TERMINAL SERVER.


Coresuite CTI Data Sheet (.PDF)