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Coresuite Customize - SAP® Business One Add-on

Client specific adjustments for SAP® Business One.



Coresuite Customize

coresuite customize is the ideal working tool when you need to make individual adaptations to a new or existing SAP® Business One environment. It enables you to expand Business One processes, adapting them to your company’s internal processes. This means simplifying both the system’s usability and your daily activities.

coresuite customize has a modular structure which enables you to create new functions very simply or add predefined functions.

coresuite customize captivates with individual functions such as the defining of required fields, the coloring and redesigning of masks as well as the invoking of functions. Your own extensions can be created and applied directly. With these adjustments the user can manage his day-to-day work easier, safer and more productive. coresuite customize is divided into different modules, which can be activated or deactivated at any time.


  • Mandatory fields: Define on your own which fields have to be filled before saving a document.
  • SMS Dispatch: After the completion of the production the customer should be informed per SMS, that the products are ready to be collected.
  • Update currency exchange rates online: Upload the latest exchange rates with at the press of a button directly into SAP® Business One.
  • Automatic numbering: The format of the customer or item number can be set individually and filled in automatically. The user can set up new records in the database without worrying about the numbering.
  • Restructuring of the surface: Define yourself, how the entry form should look like. Move text fields or make them disappear completely. Create new text fields, notations or even new register cards. Place UDF fields on the main form and keep the UDF window closed for good!
  • Individual print jobs: Start a print job whenever you want. In combination with the coresuite designer there are various new possibilities.
  • Automation: Simplify your daily routine by automating recurring processes.
  • New menu options: Create new menu options and connect them with a predefined function. Start, for example, external programs ('Skype') or open specific folders on the hard drive.
  • Automatic creation of production orders: By the press of a button you can create a production order from a sales order.
  • Import of external data (for advanced users): Import by the press of a button data from an Excel file and save it in SAP® Business One.
  • Barcode control (for advanced users): With simple barcodes you can open forms and populate fields with the relevant with information.



With the module Optimizer, you can log into any SAP® event and react accordingly. Possible events are for example “leave a text field“, „add a document“, „switch between data”, “close the window” etc. If such an event has been triggered the desired function can be realized. A field can be controlled, filled in, displayed and compared. When creating a function, there is the possibility to react by either code (VB.Net or C#), SQL or RegEx.

For functions with code, an integrated code editor is available. This helps writing code fragments with code completion and syntax control. SQL queries can be put on the data bank, either to check values or to read and write back values into a specific fie RegEx is the short form for regular expression. With this string it is possible to check specific values. There are predefined control strings available as templates.

Designing your own input masks.

To allow you to establish your masks individually, each text field can be displaced or even hidden, if it is not needed. Changing the tab sequence, adding your own separators and additional information fields makes it possible to design forms that fully meet the client’s expectations.

To each user his personal extensions.

All coresuite customize functions can be individually activated or deactivated for each user through administration rights.

Program your own functions.

You can program your own functions very easily with the coresuite editor.

Connecting to other coresuite modules.

Diversity of possibilities makes it possible to create combinations with other coresuite modules. Initiating printing jobs with coresuite designer, using coresuite time to dispatch service calls marked „for invoicing“ or importing/exporting company data with coresuite connector are but a few examples.

The functions button.

The functions button is an important element of coresuite customize. An endless number of functions can be added to it, such as creating emails directly from SAP® Business One, sending SMS, updating currency from a webservice or starting external programs.


It is possible to import and export individual rules with a few simple mouse clicks. Applying previously created functions from an existing solution to a new system is absolutely no problem. For example, the ones that can be imported are made available on the coresystems AG website.

General overview of functions:

  • Defining mandatory fields.
  • Defining interdicted fields.
  • Business partner.
  • Validating text entries.
  • Sending SMS.
  • Updating currency online.
  • Numbering client/article master
  • Showing more information
  • Restyling the surface (color, position, tab sequence).
  • Creating automations.
  • Adding new menu items (starting external programs).
  • Creating production jobs orders automatically from the client job order.
  • Importing external data.
  • Barcode control.
  • Extending SAP® price detection.


coresuite customize creates user authorization groups in order for different users to access different rules. Every user can be assigned to one and more user groups and every rule can be activated for one and more user groups as well.


The major problem with standard solutions is their rigidity and inflexibility. This is precisely where coresuite customize enters the scene. Thanks to the possibility of adapting SAP® processes to internal company processes simply by creating rules, without expensive additional programming, SAP® Business One can quickly be adjusted to the client’s needs. This improves software handling, as the module is already integrated in SAP® Business One, and automatically leads to a higher degree of client satisfaction.

Additional Information:

System requirements and restrictions

Processor Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent). Dual-core processors an advantage
Memory up to 200 MB per user is freely available to core suite
Hard Drive 50 MB free available for core suite
Resolution 1024x768
Printers Most Windows-compatible printers are supported
Internet connection For the benefit of automatic updates
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (1) , Windows 7 (1) , Windows Server 2008 (1)
Runtime Microsoft. Net 3.5 SP01
SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 / 3, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (2) , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (2)
SAP® B1 2005A / B SP1 (3) , 2007A SP00 (4) , 2007A SP01, 8.8

(1) Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 for SAP® Business One as of Version 2007 PL supports 47th Together with add-ons but it can still cause problems. SAP® Business One COM interfaces used to communicate with third-party add-ons. SAP® Business One also needs to install updates explicitly as an administrator (Right-click context menu) and run the User Account Control is disabled.

(2) The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in connection with the Windows Server 2008 supports only!

(3) SAP® Business One 2005 will be complete only up to core version 2.50 support suite.

(4) SAP® Business One 2007 SP00 PL 47 is complete only up to core version 2.90 support suite.


SAP® Business One

  • from SAP® Business One 2007 SP0 PL35
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • coresuite framework


Coresuite Customize Data Sheet (.PDF)