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Enprise Job Costing - SAP® Business One Add-on

Centralized Job Management System for SAP® Business One



An embedded cost management solution for all projects and activities across your enterprise.

A centralized Job Management System, Job Costing for SAP® Business One enables businesses to prepare quotes for their customers and manage resources, time, staff, material issuing & purchasing on a job by job basis. These features function seamlessly within the SAP® Business One environment, as Job Costing for SAP® Business One is tightly embedded into the core user interface, resulting in a very small learning curve.

Using Job Costing for SAP® Business One, users can easily monitor project profitability and react as necessary during a project.

With powerful reporting and alerts management, this SAP® ISV award winning application is a must for any business of a service management or project nature.

Job Costing for Your Business

For any business that builds a product, services a product, or provides consulting services.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor every aspect of every job? Staying on top of all factors that affect your business - budgets, service delivery, staff productivity, progress billing, purchasing, contracts and retention's. Job Costing for SAP® Business One is a complete management solution that gives you the power to capture all the costs, so your business doesn’t have to absorb them.

Equipment Servicing

Job Costing for SAP® Business One will manage the warranty, servicing and ongoing maintenance for equipment, in addition you can manage your service engineers and shop floor.

Project Costing

Job Costing for SAP® Business One will manage your projects, providing estimates, allocation of resources and materials, tracking of employee timesheets and sub contractor billing. Provides flexible milestone based contracts billing.

Professional Services

Job Costing for SAP® Business One will enable your business to accurately track the true time and cost of delivering services. Manage resource and task scheduling, billing functions and back costing to provide better visibility of business operations.

Make To Order

Job Costing for SAP® Business One will enable your business to build stock based on customer requirements, control inventory, purchasing and sub-contracting resource, as well as manage scheduling for the shop floor.


Quoting and Estimating:

  • Produce detailed quotes
  • Import estimates from SAP® Business One sales quotations, historic jobs, Microsoft Excel and the Windows clipboard using the quotation import wizard

Manage Staff, Resources and Materials

  • Enter time, resources and materials from one easy screen
  • Serial number tracking
  • Time and resource write-offs

SAP® Business One Service Integration

  • Create a new job from a service call
  • Quoting, purchasing and timesheet management for service calls
  • Job cards entry
  • Warranty write-offs


  • Purchasing and vendor invoicing direct to job
  • Purchase based on estimate
  • Purchase approval procedures
  • Buyer created invoices

Job Card Entry

  • Direct time, material and resource entry
  • Buyer created invoice
  • Fixed price, time and material invoicing
  • Auto-closing of related service calls

Document Management

  • Attach documents to jobs / sub-jobs
  • Store documents inside the SAP® Business One database for added security
  • Open and review documents from job costing and the web interface
  • Supports all document types

Make to Stock

  • Create inventory items from jobs including joint and by-products
  • Cost control tools to ensure accuracy of data
  • Serial number capable


  • Integrated with SAP® Business One’s General Ledger and cost accounting modules
  • Allows pro-rata invoicing and under / over recoveries
  • Job write-offs

Contract Management

  • Phase and milestone based billing
  • Retention's
  • Change variation tracking
  • Estimated cost to completion calculations

Alerts Management

  • Create queries to be delivered via email
  • Be alerted of contracts due for invoicing, over-budget jobs, over-due jobs etc

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Standard reporting library using the Enprise Report Writer
  • Query based reporting using SAP® Business One
  • Integrated with SAP® Business One financial reporting

Enprise Report Writer

  • Flexible database reporting application
  • Comprehensive standard job costing report library
  • Wizard based query builder - easy to use
  • Able to report on any aspect of SAP® Business One and Job Costing
  • Windows based user interface for easy design
  • Exports all reports in multiple file formats including: Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, JPEG and more

Web Timesheet Interface

  • Easy to use web based interface - accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Daily and weekly timesheet review
  • Captures staff time, resource usage and expenses
  • Approval and posting procedures are controlled by project managers in the job costing system
  • Remote document management for attaching and reviewing of attachments against jobs
  • Windows CE browser compatible

Web Document Manager

  • Attach documents to jobs
  • Download, review and print attachments from jobs

Technical Requirements

  • SAP® Business One 2005A SP01 or 2007A
  • Microsoft Windows XP Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server installations only
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 or greater


Enprise Job Costing Data Sheet (.PDF)