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Enprise Invoicing and Service Calls - SAP® Business One Add-on

Template driven Repetitive Service system for SAP® Business One



Recurring Invoicing and Service Calls drastically improves efficiency across regular tasks.

Does your business need to generate regular invoices and service jobs for customers on an on-going basis?

Recurring Invoicing and Service Calls enhances the core SAP® system, enabling users to create service calls on a recurring basis while also catering for simple management of the billing processes associated with providing those services.

Recurring Invoicing

The template driven recurring invoicing system makes billing your customers a fixed amount for services on a regular basis extremely simple, while remaining flexible enough to support a wide range of business scenarios, such as:

  • Monthly service or support contract fees
  • Annual license or membership fees
  • A regular service provided to hundreds of customers simultaneously

Recurring invoicing is a breeze, with options including daily, weekly, monthly or annual invoicing. A complete invoice history is recorded for each customer and can be easily accessed for historic reporting and re-printing. The easy-to-use invoicing system shows the user a list of all invoicing due for creation, which can then be completed with the push of a button.

Repetitive Service Calls

The template driven repetitive service system makes short work of generating repeat service calls, automatically assigning them to your staff for action.

Like invoices, service calls can be created with different frequency options, including daily, weekly, monthly or as required by the customer. The item being serviced is tracked through the service process for historical analysis in SAP® Business One.

Repetitive Site Maintenance

Recurring Invoicing and Service Calls enables efficient scheduling of site maintenance service jobs and activities for items owned by your customer. For historical service and billing analysis, items owned by the customer and serviced under the Site Maintenance Agreement are tracked and reported on with ease.

Integration with Job Costing for SAP® Business One

Service jobs created by Recurring Invoicing and Service Calls can be extended right through to Job Costing for end-to-end job management. This includes estimating, purchase ordering, timesheeting and bill functions.




  • Streamline your recurring billing process and spend less time on repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and maximizing profit.
  • Quickly create invoices based on templates.
  • Automate the creation of service maintenance tasks
  • Manage customer site maintenance with minimum of effort


  • Quick to install
  • Familiar user interface
  • Integrates with Job Costing for SAP® Business One

Technical Requirements

  • SAP® Business One 2005A SP01 or 2007A
  • Microsoft Windows XP Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server installations only
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 or greater