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Coresuite Enterprise Search - SAP® Business One Add-on

Google your business and master data with SAP® Business One.



Coresuite Enterprise Search

Imagine that searching for data in your SAP® Business One were as easy as searching for it on the Internet with Google.

The new Coresuite Enterprise Search from coresystems is based on these fundamental thoughts. Now you can access all your SAP® Business One objects in a flash.

You can search for all important fields in SAP® Business One. You can also activate different search combinations.

Use the Boolean operator "AND" to filter search results. You can also conduct searches based on parts of expressions (using *), date, document number, client number, article number, client name, contact partner - very practical!

coresuite enterprise search presents all the documents or master data matching your search in a clear hierarchic structure. The results can additionally be filtered according to status open/closed and according to user correspondence.

Example of Uses:

  • Search for contact partners
    You know your contact partner's name, but you can't remember the company name?
  • Overview of all open sales orders of a customer
    You need shortly a general overview over a customer?
  • Which activities do I have to complete?
    You want an overview of all your open activities or opportunities?
  • Track a sales workflow
    You want to comprehend a sales process?
  • History
    Are you interested in which documents you were working on last?
  • List of incoming calls
    Who called you last? Or do you want to create a sales quotation directly during the telephone conversation? Only by one click?
  • Date search
    Do you want to search a Sales Invoice created on a specific date?
  • Custom research
    Do you want to speed-up the search process and are you only interested on Business Partners code? Do you want to create your own user defined field to be used such an index search like priority or reference code?


Easy search.

coresuite enterprise search is operated by means of an input mask which is opened when coresuite starts. You can find documents, names, companies, etc. by introducing text. The coresuite enterprise search displays all the documents or master data matching your search using a clear tree structure. After one of the options has been selected, the results of the search are ordered according to the document type. The desired document can be directly opened with a double mouse click.

Advanced search.

The advanced search function allows you to simultaneously search for several words or expressions. For example, you can find out if a specific business partner has already purchased the newly introduced products. Individual search keys are linked with the keyword “AND”. You can additionally use the operator “*” to search for partial expressions, like date, document number, client number, product number, contact person, etc.


You can also use the boolean operator “AND” to filter search results. Presented results can additionally be ordered according to headings, thus making the search faster. Results can also be filtered according to status open/closed and user assignment.

Document processing.

Documents which have been recently created in SAP® Business One can easily be found with coresuite enterprise search – be it your latest offers, opportunities or other documents which you have recently created: everything becomes visible with a single mouse click.

Instant functions.

coresuite enterprise search not only opens data lines found in searches, but also renders available very useful instant functions. If you select a data line with the right mouse button, you are offered several functions. You can directly create an offer, a service call or several different documents. For example, as soon as the desired contact person has been found, a new offer can be generated with a simple mouse click.

Fully configurable fields to search and UDF support.

coresuite enterprise search allows the superuser to define for each document which fields should be scanned by the search engine. Even user defined fields (UDF) can now be defined as searchable fields. Every user can now search for all the documents created on a certain date.

Documents and fields you can use as search criteria.

  • Opportunities
  • Marketing documents (including documents on stand-by)
  • Business partner
  • Products master data
  • Service calls
  • Service contracts
  • Business Partner contacts
  • Employees
  • Activities


Searching for data in SAP® Business One is now as simple as searching in the Internet with Google. The coresuite enterprise search from coresystems is based on this principle. You can search for all important fields in your system and you can even activate several search combinations. The working process in your company thus becomes faster and more efficient, as you loose no more time with unnecessary searches and can entirely devote yourself to work.

Additional Information:

System requirements and restrictions

Processor Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent). Dual-core processors an advantage
Memory up to 200 MB per user is freely available to core suite
Hard Drive 50 MB free available for core suite
Resolution 1024x768
Printers Most Windows-compatible printers are supported
Internet connection For the benefit of automatic updates
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (1) , Windows 7 (1) , Windows Server 2008 (1)
Runtime Microsoft. Net 3.5 SP01
SQL Server Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP2 / 3, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (2) , Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (2)
SAP® B1 2005A / B SP1 (3) , 2007A SP00 (4) , 2007A SP01, 8.8

(1) Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 for SAP® Business One as of Version 2007 PL supports 47th Together with add-ons but it can still cause problems. SAP® Business One COM interfaces used to communicate with third-party add-ons. SAP® Business One also needs to install updates explicitly as an administrator (Right-click context menu) and run the User Account Control is disabled.

(2) The Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in connection with the Windows Server 2008 supports only!

(3) SAP® Business One 2005 will be complete only up to core version 2.50 support suite.

(4) SAP® Business One 2007 SP00 PL 47 is complete only up to core version 2.90 support suite.


SAP® Business One

  • from SAP® Business One 2007 SP0 PL35
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • coresuite framework