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Magic Software iBOLT - Integration for SAP Business One

The Key to Business Process Automation Across Your Organization



iBOLT for SAP Business One is a code-free business and process integration suite that makes the data within SAP Business One available to other business applications within an enterprise, and vice versa.

Extending the capability of your SAP applications

iBOLT allows you - without complex code - to connect the information in your SAP applications with other enterprise software and business applications, including SAP R/3,, JD Edwards, IBM i, Lotus Notes, email, websites and CRM systems.

iBOLT lets you create real-time workflows triggered by actions within SAP or other software systems to ensure that employees and management always see an accurate and full information picture. iBOLT also lets you create new workflows and integration processes, such as website integration, inter-company trade, master data synchronization, and more.

The Value of Business Process Automation Across Your Organization

SAP Business One is a comprehensive business management solution for small and growing businesses with complete functionality for common business requirements. However, as each business has its own unique requirements, there may be a need to use additional software or introduce a custom workflow around SAP Business One. iBOLT Special Edition allows you to extend the capabilities of SAP Business One by sharing information with other software or applications, including email and websites. In addition, you can create real-time workflow triggered by actions within or external to SAP Business One to ensure that your business processes are fully responsive to your business needs.

Why allow your business processes to fall victim to duplicate data entry or manual import and export processes? Manual processes not only cause delays, they create a weak link in the chain of business productivity that can result in dissatisfied customers and increased costs. iBOLT SE automates business processes, manages exceptions in those processes, and lets you monitor them, so that your customers and employees get exactly what they need, when they need it.

iBOLT SE literally creates automated background business processes that are triggered by your SAP Business One activity or actions taken in other software applications. Using iBOLT SE, you can even create scheduled jobs to handle routine background processes customized for your business.

Delivering Value Through Simplicity

Innovative visual design tools, a data mapper, and easy-to-use integration wizards provide the flexibility and scalability that is required by today's customer-centric and web-enabled business environment. With full support for a diversity of platforms, iBOLT SE ensures full integration across an array of environments. With iBOLT SE there is no need to write code; rather, users configure pre-written functions and services using wizards and "drag & drop" configuration tools to define data structures and business logic.

The Solution to Address Your Business Needs

Combining SAP Business One with iBOLT SE enables organizations to deploy a wide range of business solutions in a fully automated and integrated system environment. A few samples of typical usage scenarios are highlighted below:

Website Integration
iBOLT SE maximizes the value of existing e-commerce sites by integrating them with SAP Business One. This solution streamlines the data flow between the two applications, enabling real-time, coordinated data handling particularly in the areas of inventory management, customer credit management and on-the-spot order confirmation. A single point of data entry eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone retyping of data in separate systems, thus reducing the risk associated with today's manual processes.

iBOLT SE enables the extension of SAP Business One business workflows by allowing SAP Business One users to interact with non SAP Business One users within the organization, as well as with business partners outside the organization. A complete workflow cycle inside and outside the organization (as needed) can be created and managed using various communication means, e.g., SAP Business One, web browsers, hand-held devices, emails and other 3rd party applications.

Inter-Company Trade
Companies may use iBOLT SE to automate the flow of business/sales documents with subsidiaries, holding company partners, suppliers and customers. These documents include, for example, Purchase Order to Sales Order, Delivery to Goods Receipt PO, and A/R Invoice to A/P Invoice. iBOLT SE supports various connection setups, such as SAP Business One to SAP Business One, SAP Business One to SAP ERP (R3), and SAP Business One to any other application.

Other Usage Scenarios:

  • Master data synchronization
  • EDI
  • Share data across systems
  • Financial consolidation

Industry proven integration platform

iBOLT has won SAP's quality and innovation awards for 3 consecutive years, from 2005 to 2008. iBOLT is SAP xAPPS certified and has also received certification in Japan. More than 300 SAP partners worldwide use iBOLT as their integration solution with hundreds of iBOLT-SAP projects successfully implemented worldwide.

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Featurs & Benefits:


  • Large library of pre-built components
  • Drag & drop functionality for easy configuration of business processes
  • Visual Data Mapper transforms information regardless of format
  • Step-by-step wizards simplify complex integration
  • Intuitive graphical user interface


  • Accelerates time-to-deployment by eliminating the need for lengthy business integration programming projects around SAP Business One
  • Flexibly adapts to support wide range of usage scenarios
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhances return on investment (ROI) by automating business processes, minimizing IT resources and facilitating ongoing maintenance
  • Minimizes project risk by providing a standard, certified and tested solution, proven in hundreds of successful implementations
  • Enables organizations to quickly adapt to evolving business needs, reducing maintenance costs
  • Supports forward compatibility with SAP Business One functionality
  • Maximizes usability by retaining the familiar user interface of your key applications
  • Out-of-the-box Certified SAP Business One adaptor