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CitiXsys Inventory Pro - SAP® Business One Add-on

Efficient Inventory Management Solution



Today more than ever businesses are focusing on Improvements in the Inventory Control Process as ways of reducing costs. The reduction of inventory levels is seen as a key element of this process. However as stock levels are reduced another problem becomes clear; knowing what is in stock is no longer enough. Businesses need to know where that stock is located, what has been allocated and what is available to promise. Furthermore the demand to utilize bar code technology and hand held devices in the warehouse is growing at a ferocious pace.

Inventory Pro from CitiXsys delivers a host of features that enhance the entire Inventory Management process. Increased automation and item tracking capabilities in Inventory Pro help you improve inventory accuracy and better match the goods you have on hand with customer demand.Inventory Pro Screenshot

Inventory Pro enhances the core SAP Business One inventory management capabilities, extending the following functionalities:

  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Available to Promise (ATP)
  • Bin Management
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Warehouse operations with RF Handheld devices
  • Integration with shipping carriers

Multiple Units of Measure

Businesses often transact an item in more then one unit of measure. The Multiple Units of Measure feature in Inventory Pro extends the core SAP Business One capability beyond a single unit of measure. The Multiple Units of Measure feature enables you to define more then one unit of measure (Alternate Units of Measure) for items and transact in these alternate units of measures in SAP Business One marketing documents

Available to Promise

The Available to Promise feature in Inventory Pro delivers fast access to vital inventory information including current and future positions to help you make effective use of inventory, improve service and keep firm delivery promises. This feature enables the user to commit a delivery date to the customer at the point of order. The planned delivery date is calculated using a number of variables even when there is no stock to allocate.

Bin Management

Just knowing how much inventory exits in a warehouse may not be sufficient. It is essential to track inventory within a warehouse. The Multi Bin feature in Inventory Pro allows the users to define the warehouse layout and create Bin locations. Items can be stored in individual or multiple bins and a bin can contain multiple items. This inventory tracking capability allows the user to effectively manage inventory Put-Away and Order picking thereby optimizing processes and the use of space.

Inventory Allocation

Committing stock to customer orders or internal production orders helps in better decision-making and inventory control. The Inventory Allocations feature enables the user to reserve stock for outgoing orders at the point of goods receipt or from the existing free stock. Using the Order Management interface in Inventory Pro you can process several orders at once and generate pick tickets which directs workers to the exact zones and bins from where they must pick.

Integration with shipping carriers

Employees from different departments enter the same information into different, and sometimes incompatible, programs or systems, wasting time and increasing the chance of error. Inventory Pro bridges this gap by providing seamless integration with applications form shipping carriers such as UPS – World Ship


Visibility of Stock:
The Bin Locations feature enables better stock management throughout the entire Inventory Control Process. The availability and location of items is readily visible to all warehouse employee.

Improve customer service:
The available to promise feature has been designed to ensure that stock out situations are minimized by enabling the sales staff to commit delivery dates based on available stock, existing commitments and stock availability in the future.

Simplistic and Efficient Order Management:
The Order Management feature in Inventory Pro provides a unified interface to allocate customer / production orders, create pick tickets for allocated orders, confirm and post picking transactions and finally create deliveries.

Reduce Operations cost and increase efficiency:
Drive costs out of each warehouse operation with the use of Radio Frequency Handheld devices and barcode scanning technology. With the power of Inventory Pro on a wireless handheld device, warehouse operators can carry out paperless operations for Purchase Order Goods Receipts, Put Away, Stock Take, Picking and Packing.

Reduced dependency on warehouse personnel:
Inventory Pro facilitates standardization of allocation methods, inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory locations. This standardization helps to minimize reliance on informal practices, resulting in reduced training costs and lower error rate.

Stock Accuracy:
Cycle counting allows you to perform counting of physical inventory in an efficient way, with little disruption to your warehouse operations. Cycle counts not only can improve the accuracy of inventory records for planning purposes, but also can eliminate or reduce the need for complete, costly physical inventories.

Synchronized Operations:
Sales department can make firm commitments, Warehouse Operators can easily locate stock and the purchase department can manage optimum stock levels thereby reducing the inventory holding cost.

Streamlined Delivery Shipment:
Seamless integration with shipping carriers streamlines the outbound delivery process.


CitiXsys Inventory Pro Data Sheet (.PDF)