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SAP® Business One - Features
A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for all of your Business Needs

SAP® Business One: A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for all of your Business Needs

Like many decision makers in small businesses, you want to focus on growing your business but instead find yourself dealing with a flood of daily operational details, ad hoc requests for information, and nonstop competitive moves. Meeting these challenges is difficult and time-consuming.

When key pieces of information reside in different systems or locations, response times can lag and create customer dissatisfaction. And disjointed sales, accounting, and operational processes inevitably result in bottlenecks and reduced productivity. Multiple systems also mean additional work – such as duplicate data entries – which in turn causes errors and delays. Meanwhile, your competition is making it hard for you to find and keep customers.

The SAP® Business One application can help your organization see clearly, think clearly, and act clearly so that you can close the gap between strategy and execution and become a best-run business.

One Application, Multiple Functions

SAP® Business One combines a broad range of functions into a single application.

SAP® Business One includes all the processes you need to run your entire business. Unlike niche solutions, it provides complete business management functions covering financial's, sales, customers, inventory, and operations. And because it is designed specifically for small businesses, it can be installed quickly (typical implementation time is about two to eight weeks) and is straightforward to maintain and use.

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Streamline Your Entire Business with a Single System

By integrating all critical business functions, SAP® Business One provides support for sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, financial's, and human resources. And by capturing business information in a single system, it makes the information instantly accessible across the organization, eliminating duplicate data entry, costs, and related errors. Its workflow-based alerts trigger automatic response when important business events occur, allowing you to monitor and focus on those that are most critical. Freeing you from constantly reacting to day-to-day minutiae, the application lets you spend more time driving the business forward.

Strengthen Customer Relationship and Loyalty

SAP® Business One helps you manage sales, customer service, and support by integrating these functions with other business functions across the company. With the service call component in SAP® Business One, you can effectively respond to customer service and support calls and find resolutions more quickly. Detailed service reports related to call volumes, durations, and response times allow you to assess progress and take necessary actions. SAP® Business One also lets you analyze customers using data from sales, operations, and finance to identify ways to serve them faster and better.

SAP Business One allows for greater efficiancyAct on Instant and Complete Information

The application captures critical data across sales, customers, operations, and financial's in a single system for immediate access and use. Together with the fully integrated Crystal Reports® software, SAP® Business One delivers compelling reporting functionality and information access that allow you to get crucial insights into all parts of your business. Interactive drill-down functionalityand a variety of presentation formats allow you to click through relevant data and get answers at any time. Your employees can respond to customer needs faster, and managers can accurately track revenues, costs, and cash flow so they can assess business performance and determine how to improve it.

Adapt to Meet Your Changing Needs

You can set up and configure SAP® Business One quickly, and as your business grows, you can adapt and customize the software to meet your changing needs. For instance, with its published software development kit and over 550 add-on solutions that have been built on SAP® Business One by our software solution partners, you can customize and extend SAP® Business One to meet your specific business and industry challenges. In addition, unlike many other small business solutions on the market today, SAP® Business One provides worldwide coverage with 40 country-specific versions on a single platform, delivered and supported locally so you can confidently grow your business overseas.

To maintain a competitive edge, you need a clear view of all aspects of your business.

You must streamline processes and find better ways to access the information that will result in the best business decisions. If you can effectively track and then access all customer related information, for example, you can service your customers more personally and intelligently at every point of contact – locking in their loyalty and ensuring repeat business. And if you can accurately monitor and manage revenue and expenses, you are positioned to optimize cash and liquidity, which increases your financial strength and gives you the flexibility to respond quickly when business opportunities arise.