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SAP® Business One - Reporting and Administration
A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution for all of your Business Needs

Converting raw business data into meaningful information remains an ongoing challenge for most small businesses. In many cases information is scattered all over the company or resides in employees’ heads, forcing businesses to rely on manually reconciling data from various systems, people, and reports. Even if businesses have integrated business applications that gather data from various parts of the business, only a few have the tools to transform that data into a format that is useful for a business user.

The SAP® Business One application provides integrated reporting and analytic tools to help you access the critical business information you need with ease. With the SAP® Crystal Reports® software, version for SAP® Business One, you can generate, explore, and deliver compelling graphical reports that complement the existing reports in SAP® Business One (see the table below). Pre built dashboards, enabled by SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design software, provide snapshots of key performance indicators such as sales performance, overdue receivables, year-to-date revenue, and service call turnover.

Business One Reporting

Key Functions:

  • General ledger and journal entries
  • Basic cost accounting and monitoring of project costs
  • Budget management
  • Banking and bank statement processing
  • Payment processing and reconciliation
  • Financial statements and reporting
  • Sales tax and value-added tax
  • Multi currency support

Reporting DashboardCreate, manage, and distribute real-time reports with ease. You can use various reporting tools in SAP® Business One (such as Crystal Reports, Print Layout Designer, XL Reporter, and Query Manager) to create financial and management reports that provide snapshots of key performance indicators such as sales bookings, year-to-date revenue, accounts receivable, open orders, and outstanding payments.

Not only can you export any report into various electronic formats including PDF, Microsoft Excel/Word, RTF, and XML, you can also distribute them across the company via e-mail, fax, or other formats. SAP® Business One provides you with end-to-end visibility of your business operations with a drag and- relate feature that also helps you instantly understand key relationships and transactions within the business.

SAP® Business One provides a large number of predefined reports for each functionalarea. You can generate reports for a specific functional area in your business and customize the output to suit your needs. For a complete list of predefined reports, see the “Predefined Reports” section. Reporting Quieries

Simplified Reporting with Crystal Reports

SAP® Business One is now fully integrated with Crystal Reports, an industry-leading reporting solution. Together, SAP® Business One and Crystal Reports provide comprehensive reporting functionality that allows you to get crucial insights into all parts of your business.

You can perform the following activities with Crystal Reports:

Generate accurate and timely reports – Create reports in a variety of presentation formats in a user-friendly graphical environment. You can generate standard and ad hoc reports, import externally created Crystal Reports, drill down into lower-level data, and then analyze the information.

Customize with ease – Customize reports by adding any standard SAP® Business One data field or user-defined field with minimal IT overhead. You can also attach messages with personalized information to improve the report consumption.

View and export reports – View and export reports to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, RTF, and XML.

Distribute reports across the company – Distribute reports across the enterprise by e-mail, fax, electronic file transport, and standard printing. You can also save them securely to the site so you access them anywhere and at any time.

Control access to information – Assign access rights at user and group levels. Security features will help ensure that your employees view and access only the reports that they are authorized to access.

Embed flash files into your reports – Expand the scope of Crystal Reports by adding Xcelsius® software. You can create advanced report designs and visualizations by adding dynamic charts, graphics, and even video files to your reports.