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Valogix Inventory Planner - SAP® Business One Add-on

Advanced Inventory Planning for SAP® Business One

Valogix Inventory Planner


VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is seamlessly integrated into SAP® Business One, providing automated forecasting, replen-ishment, and optimization at the tips of your fingers. The pro-prietary planning engine efficiently plans for each item/location combination based on its own unique characteristics and man-ages an unlimited number of items and locations. VALOGIX gives you instant visibility to the master warehouse, field stock, retail locations, and everything in between. Optimization provides exceptional value by reducing inventory safely, con-trolling new purchases and improving customer service.value you gain with Valogix Inventory Planner

Enhanced Planning Features

Predictive Demand and Replenishment Planning

  • Enhanced forecasting for highly seasonal and slow-moving items
  • Vendor planning for easy replenishment management
  • New Items are easier and faster with the “proxy process”
  • Simultaneously generates new orders and stock transfers

Sophisticated Item Management

  • Enhanced details show lead time, service levels, vendor, and more
  • Full visibility at all locations: virtual, real, and customers (if desired)
  • Dynamically computes and reports on excess and obsolete inventory
  • Automatically sets shelf stock by item and location

Enhanced MRP Planning

  • Restricts supply and demand in multiple warehouse environments
  • Automatically computes forecast for production orders
  • Replenishment planning is optimized for better asset and spend control
  • Creates a single purchase order per supplier covering multiple warehouses

The Bottom Line

Valogix knows you work hard every day. You may think your inventory is under control, but can you be sure? Each day you are not using Valogix solutions, you are missing out on the opportunity to free up CASH. For example, based on an inventory value of $1,000,000 and an average inventory reduction and productivity gains of approximately 31%, you could free up as much as $310,000! It doesn't get any easier or better than this.


screenshot 1Advanced Inventory Planning and Replenishment

Item Master Demand History & Forecasting

The Valogix-built algorithms include trend, seasonal, and multiplicative models like Season-Trend or Trend-Season. Forecasting "new‟ items is simple and easy using Proxy History or Supersede History. This en-ables the user to set a forecast by referencing the history of an existing item. VALOGIX automatically sets optimal stocking quantities for each item at each location, creating dramatic costs savings while im-proving customer service levels.

Forecasting is automatic, requiring little to no user input to choosing which algorithm to use.

screenshot 2

Automated Replenishment Planning

VALOGIX Inventory Planner recommends optimal stocking levels for all items at every location. The system calculates the correct amount of stock needed to cover the expected demand for each item's planning horizon. Then it recommends pur-chase orders, transfer orders and production orders. This makes more efficient use of critical company assets. Automated replenishment planning elimi-nates guess work and manual effort, saving valuable time and money. The interactive replenishment re-ports allows you to plan for more items, order more frequently, reduce stock levels and free-up cash.

screenshot 3

Vendor Planning

This feature allows you to plan replenishments by Vendor to create the most efficient purchase order. It provides quick visibility of minimum Vendor re-quirements includes dollar, volume, weight and quantity. You can meet Vendor Freight require-ments, Lot Sizes, Purchase Unit of Measures and much more. The system automatically calculates your shortage risk for each item so you know the potential for stock-outs. Purchase orders are auto-matically prepared once approved.

Stock Transfers - Fast & Efficient

The VALOGIX® Stock Transfer Module enables SAP Business One users with multiple physical lo-cations to optimize their inventory investment by managing the intra-company transfer of inventory from one location to another. With the inventory transfer functionality, SAP Business One users have the ability to approve transfer requests, print a pick list, define and print a packaging list and Bill of Lading, and receive the stock.


Stock Investment Analysis

Based on your target service levels, VALOGIX creates a forecast, sets optimal stocking levels and identifies your ideal inven-tory investment. It compares the recom-mended stock investment to your actual stock investment.

inventory analysis

VALOGIX makes it easy to identify and take action on obsolete, excess and inactive items. You can quickly filter, sort and drill down into item detail and make better decisions.

Demand History Alerts

VALOGIX analyzes historical sales to check for erratic demand and identifies all items which ex-ceed a user-defined threshold. This report enables the user to easily identify unusual demand which may have occurred from a large one-time sale, the loss of a large customer, or other unusual events. You can then modify the history for any items for planning purposes to help ensure proper stocking levels moving forward. Having access to relevant data with VALOGIX can help you track your per-formance and guide you to reduce costs, improve service levels, and increase productivity

Purchasing Made Easy

The approved Replenishment Plan automatically creates new Purchase Drafts or live Purchase Orders right in the SAP Business One Purchasing module. This eliminates the need to re-key data, avoids costly mistakes, and pro-vides the user with all the control and approvals they re-quire.

Planning Control in Your Hands

Since every business is different, Valogix puts planning control at your fingertips. These settings are simple to use and guide the system in running the planning processes. Defaults are preset to get you started. Once you start planning with Valogix, you can refine these settings to enhance your processes and results.


Valogix products are designed for companies of all sizes that carry an inventory. Finished goods in-ventories exist in many industries like, Manufacturers, Wholesale Distributors, Retailers, and After-market Service companies. Valogix enhances SAP Business One by providing automated forecasting, replenishment planning and inventory optimization. This eliminates the need to manually enter Min, Max and Safety Stock values. Valogix provides dynamic calculations of Excess and Inactive inventory which provides for intelligent removal of this stock. Valogix recommended replenishment orders automatically populate Draft or firm Purchase Orders in Business One.

Valogix also enhances and sometimes replaces the MRP module by automating inventory planning and replenishment. Valogix automatically selects the best forecast algorithm for every item at every location and creates a 12 month rolling forecast and calculates an optimal stocking quantity based on many critical variables like the lead time, order frequency and target service level. Variability in de-mand is considered along with other key factors ensuring the right amount of stock is planned.

VALOGIX® Planner Advantage

Designed for small companies of up to five users, VALOGIX® Planner Advantage seamlessly integrates to SAP® Business One providing automated forecasting and replenishment. It can manage an unlim-ited number of items and give users instant visibility to stock information. The proprietary planning engine efficiently plans for each item based on its unique demand characteristics. Fast and easy to use, it is the right choice when you are first getting started.

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner

VALOGIX® Inventory Planner is built for companies that need a powerful planning solution to solve their complex inventory requirements. Designed to improve inventory planning and employee pro-ductivity, the VALOGIX Inventory Planner advanced technology automates the entire planning proc-ess and includes the high value delivering optimization engine. Having a good inventory strategy, mix and capital investment maximizes the ability to meet future customer demand.

VALOGIX® MultiLink Inventory Planner

VALOGIX® MultiLink Inventory Planner manages an unlimited number of items and locations in a single database. Users have instant visibility to the Master warehouse, to field stock, and everything in between. Planning is based on each item\location combination based on its unique characteristics. For example, a regional warehouse replenishes lower level and field locations; therefore, it is both a supplier and warehouse location. MultiLink handles different lead times, costs, and other variables for more precise planning.

Dramatic ROI—Rapid Time to Value—Easy to Use

Your Prospective Customer needs to consider this – based on an inventory value of $1,000,000 with an average inventory reduction of 22%, you can show them a positive cash flow of over $200,000. All that money is theirs and it's just sitting there waiting to be used.

Network Speed VALOGIX® Planner Advantage VALOGIX® Inventory Planner VALOGIX® MultiLink
General Features
Integrated User Interface in SAP Business One
Automatic forecasting & replenishment
Security and access set by User
Manages multiple locations
Qualifier algorithm automatically selects forecast model
Automatic calculation of rolling 12 month forecast
Edit forecast capable
Forecast by item and location
Replenishment Planning
Automatically generates shortage report
Automatically populates purchase orders
Automatically calculates Stocking Quantity (SQ)
Automatically populates production orders (MRP)
Vendor planning (to meet vendor minimums)
Planning for container orders
Optimization for inventory investment savings
Provides rolling 12 month forward aging analysis (future)
Automatically recommends Stock Transfers
Demand History
Store up to 4 years of historical demand
Edit history capable
History roll-up for multiple locations
Automatic scheduling of daily updates
Automatic scheduling of month-end processes
Automatic scheduling of year-end processes


Valogix Inventory Planner Data Sheet (.PDF)