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Vision33 ApparelOne - SAP® Business One Add-on

Apparel Industry Management for SAP® Business One



In today's competitive apparel industry, companies businesses need real-time access to information to balance decreasing design and production cycle times with increasing customer and retailer demands. In order to stay ahead of trends, the market, and competition, apparel companies need to be able to effectively and successfully manage their inventory, allocations and delivery times with confidence.

ApparelOne™ is a bilingual (English and Spanish) add-on module that fully integrates into SAP® Business One specific to those in the apparel manufacturing and importing business.

ApparelOne™ will manage finished inventory, raw material, cut tickets, allocations, account payable & receivables, UPC codes and much more. If your company is in the apparel or sewn products industry, ApparelOne™ with SAP® Business One will provide complete integrated management of your business.

Modules Include:

Item Master Data

  • Styles and Raw material management and UPC on demand generation

Sales A/R

  • SAP® Business One give you a comprehensive solution that automates all critical business processes such as financial management, banking, purchasing, manufacturing management and customer relationship management.

Easy to use interface for finance, manufacturing and sales and fully integrated with Microsoft Office Suite to get answers fast and work more efficiently and proactively.

  • SAP® Business One's familiar interface helps training time for employees.

Unique drag-and-relate feature that instantly places information in simplified format to let you drill down and answer "what-if" scenarios.

  • SAP® Business One can eliminate any surprises by monitoring by exceptions, automating alerts, and taking actions based on a specified scenario.

Flexible, powerful and adaptable architecture to meet the specific needs of your business and industry.

  • SAP® Business One can be easily modified into newer versions making upgrades cost-effective and quick to help maximize your IT investment.


Vision 33 ApparelOne Data Sheet (.PDF)