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Vision33 Finance Charge - SAP® Business One Add-on

Finance Management for SAP® Business One



Does this sound familiar to you? Your accounting processes are now running smoothly since moving to SAP® Business One, but your Accounting department is still experiencing some challenges with collections, especially with those enforced through applying finance charges. As a growing business, you may have a large number of business to business (B2B) orders and long-term accounts with customers that are making finance charge management an ongoing challenge in your business.

With Vision33’s Finance Charge Add-on solution, you can quickly and easily calculate interest charges for overdue invoices and create a finance charge invoice within SAP® Business One. In a few simple clicks, you can quickly analyze account balances for customers, generate finance charge invoices based on overdue invoices, and create related reports - all within your SAP® Business One interface.

What are you waiting for? Finance charge invoicing has never been easier than through the automation provided by Vision33’s integrated Finance Charge Add-on solution. Save your accounting team time and money, while further leveraging the power and capabilities of SAP® Business One. Contact us today to see how quickly you can start to recover costs incurred by carrying unpaid bills on your customers’ accounts.

How it Works:

Finance charges are generated based on the daily interest rate set in the dunning terms for the Business Partners. The period calculated is the last date that the finance charge calculation was run, or the invoice due date up to the current date. After the finance charges are calculated, a report is generated to show what finance charges were created for that day.

User friendly and intuitive to SAP® Business One efficiencies, the Vision33 Finance Charge solution adds or deducts open credit memos and payments to each account, and will deduct from the oldest finance charge amounts.


Easily create finance charge invoices based upon overdue invoices for Business Partners.

Determine if you want to calculate finance charges for customers, as well as provide pre-view and post-view reporting.

For each batch of finance charges, a single finance charge invoice for all overdue invoices is created.

Limit selection of invoices based on search criteria and individual selection.

Write-off finance charge invoices by creating a credit memo against the Business Partner.


Vision 33 Finance Charge Data Sheet (.PDF)