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Vision33 UPS and Fedex Interface - SAP® Business One Add-on

Bridges the gap between SAP® Business One and shipping applications



The One Day To Value Vision33, Inc. UPS WORLDSHIP and FEDEX SHIP MANAGER CAFÉ INTERFACE Add on provides a bridge between SAP® Business One and either or both of these shipping applications. This makes it possible to export shipping costs and charges from the shipping solution directly into the Delivery document in SAP® Business One.

This solution is most suitable for those companies which have already deployed and are currently productively using either or both of these applications.

UPS WORLDSHIP is provided by United Postal Service (UPS). The landing Page for UPS World Ship is: offering/technology/automated_shipping/ worldship.html

FEDEX SHIP MANAGER CAFÉ is provided by FedEx . The Landing Page for FEDEX SHIP MANAGER CAFÉ is:

Shipping Highlights:

  • Faster, Easier
  • No Wasted Time
  • Multiple Carriers
  • Boost AR efficiency
  • Flexibility of carriers
  • Saves money
  • Satisfy Customer Carrier Preferences

Interface highlights support for:

  • Business Partner Specific Setup
  • Email address passed to carrier system
  • Fast Interface for production scalability
  • Error Reduction>
  • Capture 100+ of recoverable shipping costs
  • Integration with SAP® Business One Menu
SAP Business one Shipping